Integrated, Real-Time
Quality Control for
Any Industry

TruQC is cloud-based quality control and process documentation software built for the iPad. We make truly objective project management possible. We keep all your relevant data organized and at your fingertips.


Easily monitor projects

Tight control over the approval and flow of documents makes managing projects easier. Our permission-based approval matrix can accommodate nearly any industry’s chain of command. Learn more.


Be truly objective

No more issues from sloppy handwriting or transcription errors. TruQC has multi-select dropdowns, numeric keypads and scrolling pickers. Our software makes it easy to do your job more accurately. Learn more.


Sync in real-time

Projects shouldn’t have to be put on hold while paperwork is being shuttled back and forth between the job site and the home office. See changes made from anywhere, by any user, updated immediately for all parties. Learn more.


Organize your data

Intuitive methods for safely storing and organizing your projects mean information about a job is never more than a couple of swipes away. Our Document Library lets you search and annotate PDFs, attach photos, organize by folders and more. Learn more.

Total Asset Management

Simplify asset management with TAM (Total Asset Management) from TruQC and Carboline. TAM keeps the full life story of each and every one of your assets right at your fingertips.

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“Our project managers are no longer logging longer hours completing paperwork on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. Our office staff no longer has to wait for paperwork. It comes in electronically, already completed and ready for review.”
-Donald E. David, Executive Vice President, Dunlap Industrial Coatings

“The biggest time saver is when we have to reproduce a document. Instead of having a foreman working miles away, trying to find a fax, I can get the report right off the app and email it quickly to the right party. To me, the best thing about it is the speed.”
– Todd Cook, Safety Director, Thomas Industrial Coatings

“Going paperless makes everything easier. There’s now only one place to go to find what you are looking for. Reports from remote job sites, which used to take two weeks to get to the office, can now be accessed instantaneously.”
– Jesus Alvarez, Safety Coordinator, Era Valdivia

“Health and Safety and Quality Control Officers no longer have to wait until the end of the day to begin the documentation process. Instead, it’s ongoing throughout the day, which really contributes to the accuracy of the report.”
-Tom Kousisis, Operations Manager, Alpha Painting

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