About TruQC

In 2011, Ross Boyd and Dane McGraw, two employees at a St. Louis-based industrial painting contractor, made a good idea come to life.

They’d noticed inefficiencies and inaccuracies in the difficult processes of standard industrial coating practices (reporting on a job, accounting tasks, complying to OSHA standards, etc.). They knew that it was time to put the pens and papers down in favor of exploring quality control management software for the iPad.

Just a few months later, they launched TruQC.

With TruQC, their quality assurance and quality control iPad app, the painting industry has not only improved through benefits including ease of use and improved efficiency – but an entire industry has the opportunity to be more reliable and accountable.

Today, TruQC has expanded well beyond painting. The software is now being used in manufacturing, construction, inspection and other quality-control driven industries.

Our team

Ross Boyd, Chief Executive Officer

RossTRUQC126x150-4Ross is a 2004 graduate of the University of Missouri — Columbia. He’s spent the majority of his time since graduation working in the field of logistics and has dedicated himself to improving internal processes and day-to-day operations.

Training and qualifications include: OSHA 10-hour construction course; SSPC C-1: Fundamentals of Protective Coatings for Industrial Structures; NACE Level 2 Coating Inspector #31407; Flagger; Haz-Com; CPR; First Aid; Member of Site Improvement Association’s Y.E.S., SSPC, NACE and the Missouri Trucking Association.

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Dane McGraw, VP of Development

Dane McGraw TruQC appDane is a 2005 graduate of the University of Missouri — Columbia and has a degree in business management. He’s been working in the industrial painting industry since 2005 and has specialized in managing and coordinating projects for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Training and qualifications include: SSPC PCI Level 2 Certified Inspector; SSPC C-1: Fundamentals of Protective Coatings for Industrial Structures; SSPC C-3: Supervisor / Competent Person Training for De-Leading of Industrial Structures; SSPC C-5: Supervisor / Competent Person Refresher Training for De-Leading of Industrial Structures; Labor Management Cooperation Initiative Supervisor Training Program Level 1; State of Missouri Lead Abatement Supervisor License; Member of MODOT – Coatings Task Force, SITE Improvement Association’s Y.E.S. and SSPC.

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Benjamin Chute, Chief Technology Officer

Benjamin Chute TruQC appBenjamin has been working in the software industry since 2001 and has acquired a proven track record of overseeing projects from conception to completion. At TruQC, he’s the go-to guy for tech advancement, continuously improving the app to run faster and smarter. Under Benjamin’s supervision, TruQC was selected as a Tabby Awards / Business finalist.

Training and qualifications include: Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since June 2007 and certified as an Apple Consultant in February 2008.

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Megan Brinker, Director of Operations


Megan is a 2005 graduate of the University of Missouri — Columbia where she studied business administration. Since graduation, she’s worked in business development, sales and account management, and has built significant experience in the tech industry on the software and hardware side.

Megan pulls from a wealth of knowledge, advancing our customer-focused business environment and operations as a whole. She has immersed herself in learning a new industry and in 2012 she received her NACE CIP Level 1 Certification.

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Amy Doerr, Client Account Manager

AmyDoerr Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Prior to TruQC, she worked in sales and marketing for the radio and healthcare industries in Columbia. Amy now assists with sales, lead generation and customer training for TruQC.

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RaShad May, Integration Services Manager

RashadMayRaShad graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Lindenwood University-Belleville. Since graduation, RaShad worked in device-based customer service for Apple Retail. He now assists with customer support and client-specific development for TruQC.

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Nick Lacanski, Technical Project Manager

Nick LacanskiNick has worked in the industrial painting industry since 2009 with experience in both project management and estimation. Before TruQC, Nick earned his NACE CIP Level 2 Certification and worked in the development of mobile applications for a variety of industries. He now assists with sales, lead generation, and customer support in the southeastern part of the United States.

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Shala Sylva, Key Account Manager

Shala graduated in 2004 from the University of Missouri where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology. Prior to TruQC, she primarily worked in sales and account management in the fields of logistics, technology and healthcare. She now assists with sales, lead management and client training for TruQC.

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