Meet Nearen Construction

Nearen Construction is a Cullman, Alabama-based firm that’s been “building well” for more than 50 years. Since being founded in 1964, Nearen has emerged as the South’s leader in the construction of retail space. Operating in more than 12 states (and always expanding), Nearen continues to focus on building quality retail spaces while also constructing medical facilities, banks, schools, industrial centers and other types of buildings.

TruQC and Nearen Construction

Nearen is always on the lookout for ways to enlist new technologies to help them in their mission to build well. They have widely used time-lapse and live video technology to help them stay on top of the job from afar. They’re now even using drones for comprehensive job-site photography and video documentation. So it’s no surprise that the leadership at Nearen was on the lookout for a 21st-century method of reporting and quality control documentation on their jobs.

Reporting made modern

Nearen needed a user-friendly tool that would help them keep track of reports filed at the job-site, sometimes far away from the home office. Previously, the company was losing a lot of time tracking down paper copies of its superintendent’s reports. The leadership at Nearen thought there were efficiencies that could be gained by having a digital reporting solution for filing daily inspection reports, timesheets, expense reports and the like.

Nearen wanted a solution that even the less technology inclined of its employees could learn to use, but that would still provide the highest possible quality of reporting for out-of-town and high profile jobs. A successful reporting solution would have to be both robust and simple to use.

How we helped

  • With polished, consistent digital reports accessible from the job site, the home office or anywhere else there’s an Internet connection. Nearen was able to roll out TruQC only where they needed it most, and could ensure that they had the highest quality standard of reporting on big and out-of-town jobs.
  • By working with Nearen Construction to take a tool originally designed for the industrial painting industry and modifying it based on Nearen’s feedback to create a tool that was a perfect fit for a general contractor. Nearen and TruQC worked together to form a tool that accomplishes what other software platforms in the construction market don’t.
  • By providing a way for Nearen to stay true to its commitment to embracing technology with documentation, reporting and quality control software on Apple’s iPad.
  • By supplying a platform that every employee at Nearen was capable of mastering. And with training and support for as long as they’re users, TruQC can help to ensure your staff is using our software to the fullest.