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Oil refinery flange turnaround - CITGO

CITGO Experiences “Huge Success” Digitalizing HF Alkylation Flange Turnaround 

Like many in the petrochemical industry, leadership at CITGO had experienced previously ineffective attempts to streamline and optimize turnaround processes. Using TruQC, CITGO was able to finisht he flange portion of their turnaround on time and on budget, despite several time-consuming repair surprises along the way.

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Prime Coatings returns to TruQC after competitor’s promise of ‘less expensive’ proves to be ‘less capable’

After using TruQC for three years, Prime Coatings, an industrial painting contractor, opted to try a cheaper solution that promised many of the things TruQC already delivered. However, Prime quickly realized that less expensive also meant less capable, leading them to return to TruQC in 2019.

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Vigor goes from 100+ Corrective Action Requests (CARs) to zero with TruQC

Vigor Industrial, a leader in shipbuilding and repair, turned to TruQC to drive efficiency and accuracy throughout their reporting workflow. The result? Zero CARs, a clear audit trail and a “consistent, clean and quick” OQE review process.

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