Enterprises choose TruQC when...

  • Field users are resistant to technology and jaded by multiple failed attempts to adopt other software solutions.
  • Corporate office wants usable data from the field and is tired of spending money on custom development.
  • They have multiple sites or processes with unique workflow requirements.

How we solve those problems

Our offline-capable iOS app with a web component allows your organization to collect clean data consistently at all sites across the globe. TruQC's highly secure, cloud-based software presents an easy-to-use interface for field users, and our knowledge of industrial processes makes sure our framework fits the way you work.

Quickly modify or add to your TruQC as needed and produce data that contributes to your business intelligence strategy.

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Here's what makes us different


Your current processes. Just more efficient.

We'll adapt our software to your current workflows and our outputs to fit your processes. Your report content will be the same, but we will configure how your data is rendered so that you can learn from it.


Easy to use. Adoptable now.

With tailored training and a user-friendly interface, TruQC is built for quick adoption at the enterprise level. We make it simple to get the clean data you need, whether your users are tech-savvy or not.


Delivering ROI that's important to you.

We're confident that you will see fast results in operational cost savings and a reduction in corrective actions. We've already seen immediate payback for current clients and pledge to deliver the same outcome for your company.


TruQC is not just software.

Off-the-shelf doesn't work for our Fortune 100 customers because every process at each site is unique. TruQC gives you more customization, support, training — and value. The simplicity of an off-the-shelf app with the service and expertise of a custom dev shop.

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How we configure your solution

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Our goal is to understand the way you do business and configure our framework to work within your processes and established workflow. We start by listening. Show us your reports, data collection needs and approval hierachy. Tell us how you want to recall your data. We then leverage our digitalization expertise to configure your TruQC.

Typically, we gather 90% of the information we need for configuration after our first conversation. You will work with your Project Manager to determine the digitalization solution for your company and then we’ll quickly configure our proven data collection framework. Our phased delivery rollout allows you to see your TruQC before production and collaborate with our development team throughout the configuration process.

When you’re ready for launch, a TruQC team member will customize a training program that works for you. Whether onsite, via the web or with custom training videos, you can be sure our training will fit your needs. After launch, a Client Success Manager will be assigned to you as a single point of contact. Our support staff is also on call 24/7 to answer any questions as they arise.

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