Mitigate RIsk

Keep a close eye on reporting and approval processes, data security and other key risk metrics.

  • Learn from your data
  • Improve employee oversight
  • Keep data secure

Remain Compliant

TruQC’s configurable workflow and document management system allows you to easily stay compliant with even the most rigorous industry standards.

  • Reduce audit preparation
  • Comply with industry standards
  • Increase transparency

Save Time

Drastically cut the time your team spends on data entry, field and office communication and the everyday reporting workflow.

  • Streamline data entry
  • Increase efficiency
  • Simplify document storage

Improve Communication and Reporting

TruQC helps standardize your process, reporting and communication to ensure your jobsite runs smoothly. The simple, mobile-first, user interface allows for even the least tech savvy individual to adopt.

  • Manage one, integrated solution
  • Polish reporting
  • Be mobile-first

Who Uses TruQC?

TruQC is for any business where approval and compliance make up part of their workflow. It’s for those companies tired of spending more time on reporting than they do on a job. We know what a headache documentation can be before, during and after your work is complete. That’s why we’ve designed a configurable workflow and process improvement software engine with the specific intention of configuring it to work with your business.

The TruQC Engine

TruQC is modular software that’s ready to be shaped to your business practices and workflow. Your TruQC will have all of what you need and none of what you don’t. From big league baseball teams to brand name supply companies, TruQC can handle any client from any industry. These are key elements that make up the foundation of TruQC’s engine.


The documentation needs facing your team are unique. Different questions and specifications need to be answered or accounted for in different industries. We work with our customers to configure an unlimited number of reports that allow them to address their top concerns.

File Cabinet

Whether team members are in the office or in the field, ensure everyone collaborates on the most up-to-date reports from anywhere in the world. With TruQC’s File Cabinet, all reports are sorted by unique relevance for each team member. Additionally, team members can receive push notifications of project changes.


Admin Suite

Using the admin suite, TruQC users can configure their administrative dashboard, run summaries on specified data sets, and manage workflows. Account administrators have a powerful, personalized tool that brings the most useful data to the forefront.

Document Management

Cache all of your documents in a single spot where they’ll be accessible to the whole team. Remotely manage your project’s supporting documentation to ensure all employees are working off the latest version. Eliminate transporting bulky binders from place to place and easily search through large documents electronically.


Case Studies

  • Blastco benefits from real-time project management

    Blastco use TruQC to ensure quality control on every project. From paperless documentation to field communication and reporting, TruQC has improved many of the processes at Blastco.

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  • Bath Iron Works ROI calculated

    Bath Iron Works has used TruQC since 2016 and since then, they have seen numerous benefits from our app, including a substantial return on investment.

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  • Quality management the Spartan way

    When Spartan Race, an obstacle race and fitness brand, noticed they were spending too much time on documentation, they began shopping for a software fix.

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  • Job-site reporting solutions for KTA inspectors

    TruQC helps to keep KTA inspectors where they belong: In the field. See how we’re helping one of the most respected inspection firms become even more reliable.

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  • Liberty-Alpha’s historic bridge renovations

    Quality control presented a significant hurdle for Liberty-Alpha JV, as crews worked throughout the eastern United States on three historic infrastructure renovations. TruQC worked to keep everyone on the same page.

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  • Era Valdivia’s major monthly savings

    TruQC helped save Era Valdivia $7,000 per month in total project costs on the Dan Ryan branch of Chicago’s Red Line, part of Rahm Emanuel’s Building a New Chicago Program.

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  • 900 hours of saved time

    Earning QP 1 certification takes organization, attention to detail and an ability to deliver exceptional QC. Read how TruQC helped Graydaze Industrial earn their certification, while saving 900 hours of team time.

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  • Perfect for the pipeline

    A commitment to innovation is very often the hallmark of a good company. Especially in a field that’s marked by a stiff competitive landscape and rapid change brought on by new technologies.

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  • TIC and 390% ROI

    See how TruQC provided a massive return on investment for Thomas Industrial Coatings as they repainted the historic Eads Bridge, which spans the Mississippi at St. Louis, Missouri.

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