11 TruQC Features You Didn’t Know About (But Should)

    1. Use Issue Tracking to follow issues from identification to resolution

      • TruQC’s issue tracking features let your company identify issues and easily track them until fully resolved using the Issue Annotation tool (or Issue modal) and Issues tab. Users document defects in the field using the annotation tool where they are then filed in the Issues tab. The Issues tab allows users to view, filter, sort and update issues, similar to the File Cabinet with reports. View issue details, such as the status, any photos associated, and severity of the issue. With the Issues tab, you can view all past and present issues in one place, accessible to all levels of your organization.
    2. Search within filters in the Issues tab and File Cabinet

    3. Add a new section to the Job Admin by request

      • TruQC now has the capability to add new sections to the Job Admin! With this feature, you are able to add customized fields or sections, such as the zip code, address, specific area of the plant or project and more. To submit a request to add new fields to the Job Admin, please contact your Client Success Manager or TruQC Support either by email or phone (866-488-4170).
    4. Add new sections and customized lists to the Issue modal by request

      • Does your company have a specific defect list that you use to identify issues as they arise in the field? Improve your user experience by requesting new sections or customized lists for your Issue modal. To submit a request to add new fields to the Issue modal, please contact your Client Success Manager or TruQC Support either by email or phone (866-488-4170).
    5. In the Issue modal, you can now have different fields per Report Type by request

      • Now, not only can you customize your Issue modal to your company’s needs, but you can also further specify each modal by Report Type. For example, your Weld Report can have issue items that show only weld defects, and the Paint Report can have issues items that show only paint defects. This lets your employees filling out reports get to the information they need quicker while reducing the chance for error.Example of custom issue modal fields per report type
    6. Ability to assign reports and issues to users

        • Did you know you have the capability to assign reports and issues to specific users within TruQC? This can be useful to notify a specific user to look at that issue or report.

    7. Use push notifications with saved filters for immediate report or issue updates

        • Enable push notifications to get the latest updates on TruQC. Use in conjunction with saved filters in the File Cabinet or the Issues tab to get notified on the criteria you specify, such as when a user submits a timesheet for the payroll time period or approves a daily report.
        • For example, if you want an alert any time an issue is assigned to you, create a saved filter. Then, any time someone assigns you an issue, you’ll receive a push notification to your iPad screen, similar to receiving a text message alert on your lock screen.

    8. Add employee certifications

        • Keep track of every employee’s certifications using TruQC, by inputting all past or current certifications in their Employee info within the Admin section. Now, when you have an upcoming job that requires workers with a particular certification, you can quickly view each employee’s current certifications without having to dig through piles of paperwork.

    9. Direct integrations with PosiTector and Elcometer devices to instantly upload readings

      • TruQC integrates with PosiTector and Elcometer devices making it easy to upload readings directly into TruQC, eliminating redundant data entry.
      • TruQC is compatible with the PosiTector Advanced gage body or PosiTector SmartLink connected to the following probes:
        • PosiTector 6000 coatings thickness probe
        • PosiTector SPG surface profile probe
        • PosiTector RTR H replica tape reader probe
        • PosiTector DPM dew point meter probe
      • TruQC is compatible with the following Elcometer devices:
          • Elcometer 456 Coatings Thickness Gauge and Scan Probe
          • Elcometer 224 Digital Surface Profile Gauge
          • Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter
          • Elcometer 130 Salt Contamination Meter
          • Elcometer 480 Single, Dual & Triple Angle Glossmeters
          • Elcometer MTG6, MTG8 and PTG8 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge

    10. Ability to search within Associated Jobs and Associated Assets on the Employee view

      • When in the Employee view of the Admin section of TruQC, you are now able to search within associated jobs and assets. This makes it easy to see the specific jobs a user is assigned to and the assets which they are associated. Additionally, within the Associated Assets view, you can add, edit or delete assets. Note: this will not delete the asset, only remove it from association with that particular employee.

    11. Summaries can now include an optional Job filter

      • Summaries let TruQC users quickly pull and push data from their account into other applications or systems for analysis. The possibilities for summaries are endless, whether you’re pulling timesheet report data for payroll or needing a tailored summary for a custom report. With our newest feature, you can now even further specify the information your summary is pulling with the option to select a specific Job.Job Summary with added Job filter

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