Alpha Painting, Liberty Maintenance choose TruQC for quality control documentation

Huey Long Bridge painting

Liberty-Alpha JV (a joint venture of Liberty Maintenance, Inc. and Alpha Painting and Construction Co.) is primed for a few major historic bridge renovations, and they’ll be taking TruQC along for job-site and quality control documentation.

The industrial bridge painters will be utilizing all seven TruQC quality control reports to streamline and organize restoration work on the Maurice J. Tobin Memorial Bridge, the final stages of the Huey P. Long Bridge (Old Mississippi River Bridge) and the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge.

The first project is a $42 million job that includes surface preparation and coating of the historic toll bridge which spans from Charlestown to Chelsea, Massachusetts. The historic bridge is still known by many by its original name, the Mystic River Bridge. Officially, however, it bears the name of Maurice J. Tobin, former Mayor of Boston, Governor of Massachusetts and Secretary of Labor under President Truman. Tobin is responsible for establishing the Massachusetts Port Authority, along with initiating the bridge that now honors his name.

The second project mentioned, the Huey P. Long Bridge (Old Mississippi River Bridge) work, will also require all seven quality control and job-site documentation reports. This historic bridge bridge connects the east and west parishes of Louisiana’s capital, Baton Rouge, for auto and rail traffic. This cantilevered bridge stands in memory of Huey P. Long, the Kingfish, who served as governor and senator of Louisiana.

The third project Alpha Liberty JV is utilizing TruQC on is the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge. The bridge spans the Chesapeake Bay, just outside of Annapolis, in Stevensville, Maryland. Though building the bridge was delayed by both The Great Depression and World War II, it stands in honor of the governor who eventually started construction.

Just as TruQC has proudly helped restore other historic bridges, we’re proud to be a part of these three historic projects as well. Welcome Liberty and Alpha. Together, we’ll restore our country’s historic infrastructure.

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