An iPad case that makes a case for itself on the job-site

The technology behind the iPad and its apps is revolutionizing the way that we in the painting industry are doing business. But one thing will never change – our industry’s job-sites are a rough and challenging environment. Drills, radios and saws are built to survive the beating of everyday use. But the iPad isn’t and could definitely use a little help in the “toughness” arena.

That’s where the the guys at Hammerhead come in with a new iPad case that really ratchets up on protection and durability. Just watch this video and you’ll see what we’re talking about:

The Capo isn’t just a suit of polyurethane armor for the iPad. It’s much more than that. It was designed with the user in mind. All of the ports and features of the latest iPad are accentuated by the case for hassle-free, everyday use.

Kudos to Hammerhead. We love the way you all are thinking.

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