Announcing Version 2.1 of industrial painting quality control app

We’re excited to announce that we just released Version 2.1 of our industrial painting quality control iPad app. We listened to your feedback and built accordingly. Complete with more than 200 fixes and improvements, the improvements to the TruQC app center on streamlining everyday tasks. v2.1 release notes are as follows:

Attach and annotate documents

You can now attach documents from your Document Library to any report as additional supporting reference. And, you can annotate directly on that document. So when you fill out an Inspection Report about a particular area, you can now attach the blueprint and circle the exact area under inspection or highlight the specific paragraph in an SDS sheet.

PosiTector device integration

You can now feed the readings from your PosiTector Wi-Fi gage directly into TruQC. We think the batch import will be especially appreciated — easier for the inspector and more accurate and objective for the owner.

10x — 80x faster PDFs

PDFs are now generating on the iPad instead of our server. Not only does that mean that generation time is vastly decreased, it also means that you can view PDFs offline.

4x — 10x faster sync

We’ve increased sync speed substantially. This helps every type of sync, but most notably, that initial sync where you haven’t logged in for a few days and there’s a lot of data from your colleagues that needs to sync.

Other improvements

  • Re-designed interface for entering hours on the timesheet (Foreman’s Report).
  • Job numbers can be alpha-numeric.
  • Daily Inspection Report improvements: Enter as many readings as you want on the Environmental Conditions section. Enter as many ranges as you want for Specified Coating Thickness, including a description (e.g. “top coat”) on the Contract Requirements section. Enter as many Testex photos as you want on the Surface Preparation section.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, TruQC Version 2.1 is now available for download in the App Store. If you’re interested in the new and improved app, schedule a demo with TruQC to learn more.


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