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TruQC is an industry-changing cloud-based software that offers real-time reporting, eliminating time-consuming paperwork and communication challenges. This is essential for tracking relevant metrics, conducting a coherent investment strategy, and making essential maintenance decisions.

TruQC answers the needs of project managers and owners looking for a better way to keep tabs on their assets. You’ll be able to easily track people, projects, and resources from the same, integrated platform you use to store documents, report data, and manage document approval.

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With our Asset Management and Maintenance platform, your team will:

Eliminate paperwork

With electronic reporting, we make completing checklists and punch lists an integrated part of the process – no
re-keying of data by admin staff is required.

Ensure compliance

TruQC software automatically keeps you aligned with the industry’s most important compliance standards, including NORSOK, ISO, and ASTM.

View real-time data

Field data recorded on mobile devices automatically syncs to the cloud, so every part of your organization will always have the most current information regarding asset status.

Increase efficiencies

Drastically reduce data entry time through wireless gauge integrations and expedite production information uploads with barcode scanning technology.

Simplify asset management

You’ll receive metrics and insights about your assets through our centralized database, letting you assess assets throughout their life-cycle.

Integrate your system

TruQC aggregates everything for the field users: Document management, reporting, reference materials, standards and out-of-spec flagging are all done digitally, eliminating time consuming tasks and mistake-prone processes.

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Digitalizing Your Existing Methodology

Tracking maintenance tasks and understanding asset value is necessary for industrial managers. Our platform makes translating your existing workflow to a digital solution simple and effective.

User-friendly navigation

TruQC answers the needs of customers looking for a way to save time and keep the job site running smoothly. It combines daily documentation with the ability to manage each and every asset at a facility – intuitive navigation included. You’ll always be able to quickly access the data that is essential to your decision-making.

Streamlined reporting process

TruQC’s automated data collection features streamline the reporting process. The auto-generated reports cut back on manual data-entry by leveraging intuitive features, such as add from previous and direct photo imports. Reports can be seen in real-time as they are being completed, making it easy to monitor status and ensure completion.

All part of your existing workflow

The best part of all? TruQC’s platform adapts to the existing processes and workflows your team already utilizes. Our expertise in industrial process, combined with an infinitely configurable software framework, allows us to digitalize your business, from field activity to corporate data needs. We don’t force your users to change the way they do their job, deployment is typically complete within a few short weeks, and training rarely exceeds a 2-hour window.

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Squeeze More From Your Existing Capital Budget

For many industrial managers, it can feel like your budgets grow thinner as your responsibilities grow larger, all while overseeing aging assets.

TruQC’s efficient field data collection features give you the ammo you need to support your capital budget, including issue severity rankings, trends, and annotated photos and drawings.

In practice, you’ll notice the following improvements to your asset budgeting:

Predictive maintenance reporting

Many risk-based inspection (RBI) or Business Intelligence (BI) platforms fall short on predictive maintenance reporting because the data they rely on is often inconsistent or incomplete. TruQC focuses on collecting clean, standardized data and utilizing open APIs or integrations to feed data into your existing legacy asset management databases, which often have poor mobile field components or weren’t adopted by the field. Outages become less frequent as potential problems are consistently documented across assets and critical issues are quickly addressed.

Improve field efficiency

TruQC’s software will free your officers and field workers to focus on what’s most impactful to your bottom line. For instance, while your team member conducts an inspection, that information is available to your office in real-time. Additionally, their reports are automatically completed once the inspection is finalized. They’ll spend less time on the paperwork and more time inspecting.

Accurate prioritization

When you are constantly reviewing reports that arrive with no basis of prioritization, it can be difficult to decipher the most urgent matters at hand. TruQC’s digital platform offers a built-in severity ranking function. During discovery and implementation, our team will custom-configure your data points based on your process’s existing ranking system. Then, through our “Engineer’s Interface,” technical experts can quickly find and adjudicate the most severe issues first – complete with real-time alerts and relational views.

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Cross-Category Tracking for Different Types of Assets

True collaboration can only be realized when information is efficiently shared. Enabling that is arguably the most important contributor to process and project success. You must have a handle on every resource, every project, and every single asset you own in order to fully understand your resource allocation. In addition, documenting and disseminating reference materials for each of these remains essential for industrial managers across industries in the United States.


Permission-based access gives you control over who can view certain data points. Employees and clients have access to only the assets and reports that pertain to them. This simplifies documentation and ensures data security, making management of large-scale teams easier than ever.


TruQC makes project management simple by storing all necessary reports and project information in one easy-to-access location. Employees, assets, and documents can be associated with each job, creating a complete history from start to finish.


With TruQC, you’ll have the ability to manage all aspects of a facility, including people, projects, and assets – right at your fingertips. With our highly customizable interface, you’ll be able to easily see if any warranties expire soon, whether or not you need to take maintenance action on your asset, and assess risk management concerns.

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