Common features of all TruQC reports

We designed TruQC with our field software user in mind. In addition to a very intuitive interface that allows the foreman to quickly and accurately enter pertinent information with pickers, toggles and numeric keypads, we made sure that the following characteristics are shared across the board with all of our reports as well.

Strong admin controls

Administrators upload pertinent job information at the beginning of a project, eliminating the need to fill out information at the beginning of each filing. Administrators also have the ability to assign project-documentation permissions. The administrator can assign a job to specific employees allowing them access to create, review or submit documentation relevant to a project. This security gives the admin peace of mind knowing his information is secure and being completed by only designated employees.

True objectivity

TruQC reports are time-, date-, GPS-, photo- and signature-stamped. This ensures reports and measurements are generated on the actual job-site. Device integration with Wi-Fi enabled inspection devices take this objectivity one step further.

Real-time syncing and secure storage

Because TruQC is a cloud-based software, all of our app’s forms sync in near real-time allowing for immediate management and review of field documentation. Managers are able to look into field reports in order to review, edit and even inspect for completeness. Changes made in the home office are seen in real time in the field, and vice versa.

Because of TruQC’s syncing capabilities, if an iPad is damaged, stolen or lost, a user can purchase a new iPad and login using their credentials with little to no data loss.

File cabinet keeps data at your fingertips

With TruQC, all documents are stored in the “cloud” which allows report availability in both the home office and field. Employees with permission to a specific job are allowed to print and/or email approved documents. This ensures that only reviewed and approved documents can be disseminated to owners and inspectors.

Document Library stores everything in one place

The TruQC Document Library allows the administrator to upload and manage pertinent job-related documentation. The admin can easily upload, remove, edit and give/restrict access to documents pertinent to the job. Examples include blueprints, SDS, PDS, certifications and equipment user guides.