Thoughts on WWDC and what it means for our job-site documentation app

By Benjamin Chute

WWDC was an awesome event. It was extremely well organized and smoothly run, the content was exciting, but the best part was the people. In hosting an assembly of app developers from across the world, Apple continued to do what it has done since the company was founded — bring intelligent, creative people together and motivate them to create intelligently. The opportunity to brush shoulders with these app developers from all industries and backgrounds was invigorating.

With a touch of sentimentality that is not undeserved, the video from Apple below gets at the heart of what it means to be an app developer interested in enhancing the user experience. Like Apple with the forthcoming iOS 7, we too have done a lot of reconfiguring and rethinking with this goal in mind. We’ve cut a ton of code. We’ve consolidated, refactored, and made our app even stronger. With similar vision and a strong desire to stay at the cutting edge, we will continue to make job-site documentation smarter, more efficient, and more connected.

WWDC was a great reminder about the bigger picture and how the little details contribute immensely to that grander vision. I hope I get a ticket next year too!

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