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Frequent readers of this blog may be a bit tired of hearing our origin story. But, as the capabilities of our app continue to expand and as the range of companies we’re capable of assisting continues to broaden, our beginnings in the industrial painting industry have a lot to do with how far we’ve come. Now, as we count among our clients premier race organizers, staples of America’s Pastime and crucial components of the world’s strongest military, it can be instructive to look back on where we’ve been in order to have a more clear understanding of where we’re going.

The idea for TruQC came from two industry insiders who began to notice a number of documentation inefficiencies and areas left open to inaccuracy (willful or otherwise) in the field of industrial painting. They immediately suspected that technology could play a pivotal role in addressing those issues.

So, is this blog post just a nostalgic stroll down memory lane? Hardly. This is a post about the future. About what truly excites many of us here at TruQC about our software. This is a rant inspired by the current state of our client list. Notice anything?

If you’re familiar with industrial painting, you’ll notice that it contains some of the biggest names in coating manufacturing and application. That’s true. But it also contains some big players in industries that hardly seem related at all. Many of them simply aren’t. But, along with our customers, we began to realize over time that documentation and quality control aren’t just broken in one industry. They’re actually broken in a huge number of them!

That’s why we now count as customers shipbuilders for the US Navy, utilities providers, leading defense contractors and more. We’re helping one of the nation’s largest race organizers to monitor obstacles and send race reports to field staff anywhere in the world, instantaneously. We’re helping stadium staff for one of baseball’s most storied clubs to prep the facilities for game day. And we’re helping clothing manufacturers monitor their processes for inefficiencies and cut back on defective products.

Our customers now come from a huge range of industries, but they tend to have a few things in common. They’re forward thinking. They have a tendency to look for tech solutions to problems that have plagued their documentation processes for too long. They tend to be committed to remaining at the forefront of their industries. Many of them are already there but know that only innovation and efficiency gains will keep them there.

So, if your company is in need of documentation and quality control solutions, if approval matrices and permission-based access can help move your documentation up the chain of command, and if objectivity is a must, contact TruQC to see how our software can be customized for your operations. We’re more than just an app for industrial painters. We’re changing quality control no matter the industry.

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