C.A. Hull using TruQC to help earn QP 1 Certification

The contractors at C.A. Hull know a thing or two about heavy industry. They are specialists in bridge construction and rehabilitation, priding themselves on their skilled employees, extensive resources and solid relationships with owners, engineers, suppliers and other contractors.


Like any good contractor, C.A. Hull is always striving to improve. That’s why they’ve enlisted the help of TruQC in earning their QP 1 certification for Field Application to Complex Industrial and Marine Structures. The company has outsourced their painting in the past, but now wants the flexibility of being able to perform small jobs themselves.

Since you don’t earn respect and a reputation for quality over nearly 60 years in the business by cutting corners, C.A. Hull has decided that a nationally recognized certification from the respected coatings society SSPC is the way to go. TruQC will assist with the documentation and the audit process.

With C.A. Hull’s knowledge of bridge building, and our obsession with objective, paperless quality control documentation, this should be a formidable team. We look forward to the QP 1 certification process with our friends at C.A. Hull.

For more information on TruQC’s partnerships, visit our clients page.

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