Can I use TruQC on my Android device?

Short answer: At the moment, no. Our software has been designed from the beginning to work on Apple’s iOS platform. When we began, Apple seemed like far and away the best option for running our software, so we went all in on it.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Apple was the first to successfully break into the tablet space, harnessing a technology we immediately suspected would have an impact on the industrial sector: small, powerful and portable computing devices. Since we’ve always aimed to be the best in job-site documentation and reporting, we naturally threw in with those who are the best at making the hardware at the time.
  • Platforms such as Android certainly have their perks, but a lack of standardization in screen sizes, resolutions and operating systems can make programming for the platform especially time and labor-intensive. In order to get software updates out to our customers as quickly as possible, we decided to specialize in coding for one platform.
  • The Apple iPad is almost ubiquitous. The huge number of iPad rollouts in school districts and early childhood learning centers tell us a couple of things. They’re relatively easy to use, for one. And also, generations entering the workforce in the future will almost inevitably be familiar with how they work.
  • Apple continues to release designs that are increasingly well suited to work on the job-site. The iPad Mini and iPad Air are lighter and more portable than the already slim original design. Battery life has also improved significantly on these devices. Their popularity has led to companies competing to provide the best accessories, including heavy-duty cases and solar chargers. And it’s a good bet that Apple’s financial stability means there are more quality innovations to come.

These are some of the core reasons we originally chose to design our software for Apple’s operating system. It wasn’t the only one that could’ve been effective, but it was a good fit for us.

And, as our (already stellar) programming team continues to grow, who knows what could be in store…

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