Carboline, collaboration and a new type of software

Collaborations aren’t always simple, but they can yield the type of rewards that make all that hard work worth it. Think Jobs and Wozniak working together in a garage to get Apple off the ground, or all the multinational cooperation that goes into sending astronauts to the International Space Station.

Well, we may not be blasting brave men and women out of our atmosphere, but our partnership with the Carboline Company was an ambitious one nonetheless. That’s because our end goal was nothing short of software that would change the way industrial operations run.

What we saw was a need for software that could help business owners and facility managers keep track of all the assets at their disposal, from trucks to building materials, employees to processing facilities. This tool needed to provide a complete picture of an asset’s history; maintenance orders executed, associated jobs, relevant notes and whole lot more of the details that could be informing smart decision-making.

What we came up with, together, is TAM, total asset management from TruQC and Carboline. For more on TAM’s features and functions, visit the TAM page on our site. But to get a sense of what the collaborative process looked like from the other side of the fence, TruQC recently talked with Tricia O’Brien, Communications Manager at the Carboline Company.

Here, she talks about what sparked TAM, how she sees it helping business owners and where Carboline sees the software heading in the future.

Could you explain how the relationship between TruQC and Carboline began?

The relationship began about a year ago when Carboline became one of TruQC’s customers. We wanted to improve our field tech service reporting process to increase efficiencies. We started using the TruQC app and noticed positive results immediately. Our process was streamlined to create maximum efficiency, best utilizing our resources. Once we both realized our unique synergy we pushed the envelope to see how far we could go together. Our mutual desire to build industry changing technology made TAM a reality.

What sort of needs, problems or opportunities did Carboline recognize could be addressed by working with TruQC to create custom software?

Both Carboline and TruQC are committed to solving customer’s problems. We knew together we could combine our unique capabilities and expertise to create a truly innovative industry changing software that manages customer’s people, projects, and assets.

Could you describe the collaboration process a little bit?

From the beginning Carboline and TruQC have been focused on the same end result, exceeding our customer’s expectations. Both TruQC and Carboline have done whatever it takes to make that happen. The end result is industry-changing software with one simple and integrated solution: TAM.

What does the future hold for TAM? Which types of companies will TAM benefit the most and for which industries does it hold the most potential?

There are unlimited possibilities for TAM. Every company has assets, whether mobile or fixed, that need tracking and managing. TAM lessens headaches, increases productivity and creates solutions to problems before they become a “problem”. TAM provides a simple solution to job-site documentation in industries where nothing is simple.

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