Quality control case studies

Oil refinery flange turnaround - CITGO

CITGO Experiences “Huge Success” Digitalizing HF Alkylation Flange Turnaround 

Like many in the petrochemical industry, leadership at CITGO had experienced previously ineffective attempts to streamline and optimize turnaround processes. Using TruQC, CITGO was able to finish the flange portion of their turnaround on time and on budget, despite several time-consuming repair surprises along the way.

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Prime Coatings returns to TruQC after competitor’s promise of ‘less expensive’ proves to be ‘less capable’

After using TruQC for three years, Prime Coatings, an industrial painting contractor, opted to try a cheaper solution that promised many of the things TruQC already delivered. However, Prime quickly realized that less expensive also meant less capable, leading them to return to TruQC in 2019.

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Vigor goes from 100+ Corrective Action Requests (CARs) to zero with TruQC

Vigor Industrial, a leader in shipbuilding and repair, turned to TruQC to drive efficiency and accuracy throughout their reporting workflow. The result? Zero CARs, a clear audit trail and a “consistent, clean and quick” OQE review process.

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Panama-based coatings inspection company reduces inspection time by 50%

Naval & Industrial Solutions, a Panama-based coatings inspection company, partnered with TruQC to minimize reporting time. In the end, they cut their tank inspection times in half. Learn how.

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Kalmar advocates big returns with TruQC

Kalmar has seen a 316 percent return on investment in addition to documentation control benefits since integrating TruQC into their operations in 2016.

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ENLACE operates with efficiency thanks to TruQC

ENLACE is one of the smaller groups using the TruQC app, but a perfect example of how it’s great for small companies as well as big ones.

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Blastco benefits from real-time project management

Blastco use TruQC to ensure quality control on every project. From paperless documentation to field communication and reporting, TruQC has improved many of the processes at Blastco.

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Bath Iron Works ROI calculated

Bath Iron Works has used TruQC since 2016 and since then, they have seen numerous benefits from our app, including a substantial return on investment.

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Perfect for the pipeline

A commitment to innovation is very often the hallmark of a good company. Especially in a field that’s marked by a stiff competitive landscape and rapid change brought on by new technologies.

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Job-site reporting solutions for KTA inspectors

TruQC helps to keep KTA inspectors where they belong: In the field. See how we’re helping one of the most respected inspection firms become even more reliable.

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Quality management the Spartan Way

When Spartan Race, an obstacle race and fitness brand, noticed they were spending too much time on documentation, they began shopping for a software fix.

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900 hours of saved time

Earning QP 1 certification takes organization, attention to detail and an ability to deliver exceptional QC. Read how TruQC helped Graydaze Industrial earn their certification, while saving 900 hours of team time.

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Liberty-Alpha’s historic bridge renovations

Quality control presented a significant hurdle for Liberty-Alpha JV, as crews worked throughout the eastern United States on three historic infrastructure renovations. TruQC worked to keep everyone on the same page.

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Era Valdivia’s major monthly savings

TruQC helped save Era Valdivia $7,000 per month in total project costs on the Dan Ryan branch of Chicago’s Red Line, part of Rahm Emanuel’s Building a New Chicago Program.

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TIC and 390% ROI

See how TruQC provided a massive return on investment for Thomas Industrial Coatings as they repainted the historic Eads Bridge, which spans the Mississippi at St. Louis, Missouri.

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