Renovating the Dan Ryan Branch with Era Valdivia

About the client

Chicago-based Era Valdivia Contractors, Inc. was founded in 1987 on the principle of high-quality service at a fair price. Their portfolio includes work on some of the Windy City’s most iconic structures, from Soldier Field to O’Hare Airport. In April of 2013, Era Valdivia participated in the renewal of the Dan Ryan branch of the south Red Line.

The project

The south section of the Red Line, referred to as the Dan Ryan branch, was the oldest train line in the city. As a result of its age, riders experienced longer travel times, crowded trains, and less reliable service. Construction occurring on the Dan Ryan branch between May and October was dubbed “Mission Critical,” meaning the track renewal must follow a ridged schedule.

How we helped

  •  TruQC provided a central repository for all job-related documentation, eliminating the need for any physical paperwork to be stored on-site.
  • Our software made possible a level of detailed reporting that both the Chicago Transit Authority and the Illinois Department of Transportation praised for containing more information than they received from any other contractor on the job.
  • By saving Era Valdivia an estimated $640 per QC worker per week during their time on the job, all from less time being spent on reports. The Safety Manager and the QSM for the job estimated that the hours they saved not having to track down reports from crew members added up to around $2,800 over the course of the job.