How Graydaze Contractors used TruQC to earn their SSPC QP 1 certification

About Graydaze

Graydaze Contracting is a painting contractor with both commercial and industrial divisions. The Engineering News Record consistently rates Graydaze Industrial among the Top 20 Painting and Coatings Contractors in the United States. Based out of Charleston, South Carolina, Graydaze Industrial is licensed in 44 states and the Caribbean. On-going training and a commitment to improvement have always been the cornerstone of their business.

The task

Earning an SSPC QP 1 certification is a complex endeavor, and rightfully so. As a nationally recognized program designed to evaluate industrial painters on key skills, earning it shouldn’t be a breeze. Customers are counting on industrial painters who’ve earned their QP 1 certification to know their stuff.

Graydaze was looking for something to simplify the process of ordering the documentation necessary for earning an SSPC QP 1 certification.

How we helped them succeed

  • TruQC takes the mountain of paperwork that used to be necessary to pass a QP 1 certification audit, and compresses it to the thickness of an iPad. But it’s more than just a space-saver. TruQC was able to offer quality through consistency.
  • “TruQC gives our organization the ability to communicate in all aspects of the job, both inbound and outbound, and in virtually real-time. With crews dispersed throughout the country, in different time-zones and attending to the particulars of different jobs, it’s paramount that documentation, validation, accountability and the timely exchange of information occur seamlessly.” -Donald David, then Head of Business Development for Graydaze Contracting
  • Cloud-connectivity also meant that Graydaze’s reports could be processed in real-time. From the job-site to the home office, employees spent less time filling out and filing forms. Less time occupied by administrative tasks meant Graydaze spent more time doing what they do best, painting. After using TruQC to earn their QP 1 certification, they say they will be using TruQC to pursue additional certifications.