Historic bridge renovations with Liberty-Alpha JV

About Liberty-Alpha JV

Liberty-Alpha JV is an Ohio-based joint venture of Liberty Maintenance, Inc. and Alpha Painting and Construction Company. They are currently involved in the restoration of three historic bridges across the United States.

A trio of historic renovations

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation awarded Liberty-Alpha the contract of more than $42 million for cleaning and painting the Maurice J. Tobin Memorial Bridge. Liberty-Alpha is also currently involved in rehabbing the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge, as well as the Huey P. Long Bridge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

With three historic bridge renovations underway at once, quality control had the potential to become a disaster. To alleviate their QC concerns, Liberty-Alpha JV decided to enlist the service of TruQC for job-site documentation on these three momentous restoration projects.

The results

  • TruQC was able to assist Liberty-Alpha with a massive workload, relieving some of the strain on Quality Control and Health and Safety Officers—both those on-site and in the home office.
  • Liberty-Alpha estimates the streamlined health and safety reporting that followed the implementation of TruQC saved home-office personnel more than 10 hours per week, with time savings making it all the way up to the company’s president. For workers in the field, the software is credited with saving each employee around five hours per week of documentation time.
  • Liberty-Alpha crews were able to complete the work without making additional hires, ensuring that three historic pieces of infrastructure continue to serve their communities, while preserving the bottom line.