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What’s the best way to implement quality control software?

Maybe it’s because of our skilled salespeople, or maybe it’s the incredibly wide-ranging functionality of our app, but when we’re talking to potential customers we often notice a sense of excitement building. Customers begin to imagine how our software can make things like quality control and process documentation easier for their own organizations. But then… Read more

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How should I protect my iPad in the field?

No matter what size your operation is, outfitting your workforce with Apple iPads represents an investment. We’ve staked our business on the idea that it’s an investment that will increase productivity and slash the amount of time spent on industry-mandated documentation. From talking to our customers, it looks like TruQC is delivering. But to be… Read more

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Is the cloud safe?

One of the first questions we often get from potential customers is in regards to data security. They want to know, is the cloud safe? Is our data vulnerable to outside hackers? Will it be sold to third-party advertisers? These are great questions to ask. We would expect our customers, especially those that have at… Read more

Company News

Quality control and documentation beyond industrial painting

We started TruQC with the intention of modernizing industrial painting documentation. There were inefficiencies and error-prone processes we thought could be engineered out of the practice. We built an app that industrial painters like. Our clients can attest to that. And then came the realization that outdated methods of documentation and quality control are common… Read more

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Modernize with cloud-based workflow management

Considering the tech advances taking place on a daily basis, it’s somewhat shocking that we still see contractors sending paper versions of reports and updated project specifications back and forth between the job-site and the home office. Often these paper reports have to pass through numerous hands along the way as a part of the… Read more

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Meeting SSPC standards with digital documentation software

We talk a lot about SSPC certifications here at TruQC. We’ve previously written guides for what to have on hand for both a QP 1 and a QP 2 certifications. We’ve even followed the progress of one company, Graydaze Contracting, as our app helped them to earn their own SSPC QP 1 certification. It’s an… Read more

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Five keys for effective quality control management

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that typically we avoid writing posts that are overly self-promotional (not including the client announcements, of course!). But in this case, in trying to formulate a response to the question of “what sets good quality control software apart,” it’s hard to not be promotional. After all, TruQC… Read more

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Timesheet calculator: Another way TruQC has you covered

When customers sign on with our paperless quality control software, they’re not getting some one-trick-pony app. TruQC is loaded with features designed to make a job-site run more smoothly. One of those is the app’s built-in timesheet calculator, accessible through the Timesheet/Foreman’s Report. Apple’s App Store is chock-full of apps offering solutions for keeping track… Read more

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Having password trouble? We’re here to help…

Have you forgotten your password, or simply need to change it? Follow our instructions below on how to retrieve or change your password in TruQC. Retrieving a forgotten password: 1. You’ll see ‘Forgot Password?’ located at the bottom of the TruQC login screen in yellow. Click on ‘Forgot Password?’. 2. A ‘Reset Password’ box will… Read more

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A place for the iPad in industry

We’ve been saying it for a while now, but the iPad has arrived on the job-site, and it’s not going anywhere. That said, some contractors still hold legitimate concerns about deploying them in the field. It is true that, year after year, new models of tablets continue to hit the market. The bells and whistles… Read more