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Quality control videos and tutorials now available via YouTube

TruQC is now streaming quality control videos and tutorials via its YouTube channel. The channel features a general introduction to our software, some words from our CEO Ross Boyd on the app, as well as a collection of handy how-to and troubleshooting videos to make sure you’re getting the most out of TruQC. If you’re… Read more

Tips and Tricks

How to restore your iPad to default settings

The two main reasons for restoring your iPad to its default settings are to prepare it for a new owner and to overcome a problem with the iPad that the normal rebooting simply isn’t solving. Restoring your iPad to default settings is something you may never have to do. But, in case you do, this blog… Read more

Tips and Tricks

Understanding and using TruQC’s custom sync range

Using TruQC for quality control documentation and looking for old reports? No worries. As you might know, TruQC automatically populates all reports entered in the last 14 days for your review. However, if you’re looking for something a tad bit older, we’ve got you covered as well. If you need to see reports entered prior to… Read more

Tips and Tricks

What to keep on hand for an SSPC QP 2 certification

Your QP 2 certification for the field removal of hazardous coatings builds on the knowledge you’ve accrued from your QP 1 certification. Naturally, so do the standards required to maintain it. Here are some things you should keep on site in the event of an audit. By no means is this the ultimate list –… Read more

Tips and Tricks

What it takes to earn and keep your AMPP (formerly SSPC) QP 1 certification

An AMPP (formerly SSPC) QP 1 certification is an essential step in assuring your customers that you have the know-how to apply quality protective coatings capable of withstanding the wear-and-tear of the elements for years to come. Once you’ve achieved that certification, you wear it like a badge of honor, and rightfully so. It shows that… Read more

Tips and Tricks

Job-site security, going wired

It probably comes as no surprise to those in industrial painting that job-site tech advancements are here to stay. Wired job sites are the way of the future. They’re making things easier, safer and to an increasing degree, more secure. Hundreds of specialized, security-based tech products are now available and ready to guard your job-site…. Read more

Product Updates

Customer feedback should be driving your software

Congratulations, you are the force behind today’s most successful tech companies. Sure, they owe a lot to exceptional founding members, hardworking employees and innovative ideas, but one common denominator of successful tech businesses seems to be a willingness to listen to the user. Scratching the itch The web app pioneers at 37signals recommend entrepreneurs build… Read more

Tips and Tricks

How to preview more of an email

If slow connection speeds have ever prevented you from retrieving vital information from an email, like a change in job specs or the time and location of dinner with the in-laws, this tip may prove useful. Your iPad will allow you to increase the number of lines displayed as the preview of an email. While… Read more

Tips and Tricks

What is quality control?

By Ross Boyd Between my time spent working in the industrial coatings industry, and my time spent building software dedicated to quality control, “What is quality control?” is a question I get a lot. Non-profit groups like the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) and NACE have codified best practices for industrial coatings specialists based on criteria such as management and… Read more

Tips and Tricks

How to reinstall iPad apps from the job-site

If you’ve already removed a favorite app that’s been giving you problems, it’s time to think about reinstalling it. App maintenance is just another step in keeping that essential job-site tool, the iPad, performing like it should. A fresh install should take care of any app-related erratic behavior. To reinstall an app, pop open the… Read more