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iPad “the right platform” for job-site documentation app

In an industry that’s often consumed by the Windows way of life, you might be wondering – “Why in the hell would you choose to develop TruQC on the iPad?” There’s a simple answer to that – it’s nearly perfect! The iPad is built and designed to perform at the absolute highest level and the… Read more

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Simple tool, huge help –

TruQC is filling the gap for job-site documentation for industrial painting and industrial coating companies. By utilizing the iPad, now, our customers are able to work with greater efficiency and safety, improving the job site as a whole. Similarly, James McDonald is fulfilling a need to execute big calculations fast and efficiently with his new online… Read more

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Make your job site safer with a heat-safety app

This just in from OSHA – the OSHA Heat Safety Tool, an idea we can really get behind. It’s an iPhone, Android and, coming soon, Blackberry app that will help your workers stay safe on the job site by providing heat-related best practices, advice, updates and more. According to an article on the OSHA website, the app… Read more

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A digital guide to the new OSHA pictograms

As announced this past March, OSHA is revising its Hazard Communication Standard so that the system will better protect workers from dangerous chemicals. This update will align the organization with the United Nation’s global chemical labeling system known as The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. It’s estimated that the revision will help… Read more

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The iPad is here to stay; plan your job site accordingly

This week, on Tuesday, Marketplace ran a story reporting that Apple stock is predicted to hit $1,000 a share by this time next year. Three years ago, it was steady at about $100 a share; in early 2012, it was at $500 a share; this week, the tech giant is sitting at $629 a share…. Read more

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Tough construction economy should mean job sites that are more efficient

According to our friends over at FieldLens, an app that is described as the jobsite in your pocket, the United States construction industry wastes more than $40 billion every year due to mistakes in the field. Let us repeat that – each calendar year, the United States construction industry wastes more than $40 billion due to… Read more

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OSHA working to learn more about preventing job-site injuries and deaths

This week, OSHA announced that they’re seeking comments on how to better prevent worker injuries and deaths from reinforcing concrete activities and vehicle backovers. Recently issuing a former Request for Information, OSHA will use their findings to learn more about how workers get injured and what solutions exist to prevent injury and death on the… Read more