Product Updates

TruQC 5.13 is now available in the App Store! 

This version includes the ability to assign reports and other improvements. To Update: Tap the blue App Store icon on your iPad home screen. Search for “TruQC” in the search bar, then tap “Update.” TruQC 5.13 will then begin installing. Once complete, you will be prompted to login once again. TruQC 5.13 is only compatible with iOS 11… Read more


DB Consultant

TruQC is an iPad app for quality control documentation. We’re a small team, but our customer base is growing and we’re looking for an outside perspective on our database architecture decisions. We have a lot of ideas for improvement too, so we’re looking for someone who can actually implement near-term improvements while also suggesting mid-term… Read more


New iPhone? The real story is iOS 7

By Benjamin Chute I think the real story is not the new iPhone, but the next major release of iOS. And as a maker of iOS software, this very much interests us at TruQC. Since Jony Ive now provides “leadership and direction for Human Interface (HI) across the company in addition to his role as… Read more


All PosiTector Advanced models to have WiFi

TruQC is excited to report industry-altering news: PosiTector just announced that all PosiTector Advanced models will now have WiFi technology. This industry-changing update will allow for much simple communication with the iPad and apps like TruQC. “This is a significant milestone for TruQC and a revolutionary development in the world of industrial painting,” said Ross Boyd, VP… Read more


Job site vehicle crashes down, but not down enough

The Associated General Contractors of America released a study earlier this week stating that 68% of highway contractors have reported vehicles crashing into their job sites throughout the past year. Nearly 20% reported fatalities in those accidents. The good news? Progress is being made on our industry’s job sites all across the United States. According… Read more


Panama Canal Expansion 6 months behind schedule

The root of it all? Quality control issues with the concrete mix. According to a recent story by Engineering News Record, the concrete mix that was to be used did not meet the 100-year standard that was required by the terms of the job. Additionally, workers are now striking due to a concern about safety issues on… Read more


Two years, $54 million: that’s the cost of a bad paint job

Last week Thursday, Paintsquare published a story about the hefty bill that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Board of Directors has been left holding thanks to some shoddy paint work on more than 25,000 Boston “Big Dig” tunnel light fixtures. In short, an investigation from the state of Massachusetts found that there were serious problems with… Read more