Custom report tags, file cabinet notifications among new features of TruQC

We’re always on the lookout for ways to make TruQC a more powerful tool. The most recent version of our app, TruQC 4.1, is packed with new features meant to make reporting and monitoring simpler and more effective.

Two new features that we’re especially excited about were designed to increase administrative control over the reporting process. Users can now hone in on the smallest levels of their operations with custom, nested report tags and create alerts when reports of high importance are filed.

Custom report tags

Users now have the ability to create custom reports from the Admin screen. This allows for complete autonomy in their reporting capabilities and provides a greater ability to record the data that’s most important to organizations. All without first needing to work with a TruQC representative to create custom reports.

In addition to being easier add, reports are now also easier to organize. They can be nested and reorganized by the user, allowing for more intuitive storage of report data. Reports can be assigned to an unlimited amount of parent custom report tags, allowing for unprecedented control over those little details that are so crucial to a project’s success.

For more on how to create custom report tags, watch the short tutorial below:

File cabinet notifications

When all the employees in an organization have the capability to fill out and file reports from the job site and make them instantly available to superiors, there’s the potential for a lot of work to be getting done at any given time. We like that. After all, our app was supposed to be an efficiency-generator all along.

So with all that work getting done at all hours all over the country or the world, how do users make sure reports aren’t slipping through the cracks? Well, a new feature makes it much easier. Introducing file cabinet notifications: Users can now set up their accounts to deliver notifications when reports are filled that meet certain criteria. For instance, users can:

  • Filter by creator- Create a notification anytime a specified user adds a new report.
  • Filter by report type- Receive a notification anytime a report of a certain type is followed. Anytime an Incident Report is filed, for instance, users can arrange to be alerted with a notification.
  • Create notifications for reports filed by organization, on a certain job, according to the unique report tags associated with a job, and those reports that pertain to a specific asset.

For more on setting up file cabinet notifications, watch the short video below:

These are just a handful of circumstances where we’ve found file cabinet notifications to be useful. But, with the arrival of new custom report tags, the options are virtually limitless. Any report designated as crucial for your operation can be set up to deliver you an alert as soon as they’re filed, so nothing slips through the cracks.

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