Digitalizing Visual Inspection with TruQC

Issue tracking enables TruQC clients in any industry to resolve issues consistently and efficiently across facilities, assets and jobs. As an integrated part of the TruQC iPad app and Web App, issue tracking makes it simple for an inspector to flag issues while reporting — and simple for admin users to track, monitor and resolve issues in real time.

Accessibility of data and trends

Issue tracking allows for consistent data collection across your organization — serving as a point of standardization across facilities, assets and jobs. Use combined data sets to establish trends and learn more about how your organization can prevent future issues.

Configurable to any organization in any industry

First, we configure the issue metrics you’re collecting to meet your organization’s needs. This ensures the data you collect is meaningful. Your issue tracking data gives you a standardized snapshot of how each facility is handling, and resolving, issues over time.

Security of data

TruQC was designed with enterprise data security in mind — ask us about our Technology Control Plan. Set up permission-based access to jobs, assets and projects to ensure your data is available to those with the authority to view it.

Lifecycle of an issue

Lifecycle of an issue: From identification to resolution

We’ve seen organizations in many industries benefit from issue tracking to update strategy and mitigate risk throughout their organization’s operations. With issue tracking, it’s easy to flag issues in the field, review in the office and analyze trends after the close of a project.

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