Does TruQC work for smaller companies?

How big does a company need to be for TruQC to be effective? It’s a question we get a lot. Owners want to know if they’re wasting their time and money by adopting quality management software at this stage in their company’s life. Sometimes, they’re worried about not having the staff on hand to handle any tech issues that may arise. They worry adding TruQC will mean the addition of an IT department will soon follow.

In a way, it will.

Meet your new IT team

TruQC’s per-user pricing structure means the software is within reach of budgets of all sizes. And whereas enacting sweeping process changes in documentation and quality control at an enterprise-level company can feel like trying to turn an ocean liner on a dime, smaller companies often find it easier to implement this type of innovative change.

But what if those changes involve technology, and you simply don’t have the staff to handle training and troubleshooting for completely new hardware and software? Well, embracing TruQC could be a (counter-intuitive?) way of solving your tech woes.

Whether you do it on a third-party server or in stacks of binders in the rented backroom of an office, chances are you’re already paying something to store data. Wouldn’t it be nice if those dues also came with a training and support team (not to mention a simplified way of reporting)? At TruQC, we provide iPad and app training with numerous options for support. In a way, adding TruQC is like adding a tech support division to your team, without having to move to a bigger office or brew more coffee in the break room.

We grow with you

If growth is in the company forecast, you can count on administrative duties to grow with you. To land big clients, you need the certifications. To get certifications, you need thorough documentation. While this could mean making more hires or spending nights completing paperwork, it doesn’t have to.

Having an integrated reporting solution helps you to do more work with the same staff. This means that when you’re ready to expand your business, you can do it in your core service area instead of adding more office staff to handle the increased administrative load.

And since our clients regularly realize significant return on investment from reduced time spent on reporting, regardless of company size, job-site documentation software begins to look even more appealing for smaller companies. Even our clients with only one or two user accounts regularly report huge time savings and efficiency gains by managing timesheets, expenses, daily reports and employee certifications all on the same platform.

So TruQC doesn’t just work for smaller companies. It works hard. So whether you’re a company of three or 300, schedule a live demo today to see how TruQC can be your next employee of the month. And if it’s asset management your company could use a hand managing, we’ve got a tool for that too. It’s called TAM (Total Asset Management) and, like TruQC, it’s helping companies big and small to get to where they want to be.

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