All PosiTector Advanced models to have WiFi

TruQC is excited to report industry-altering news: PosiTector just announced that all PosiTector Advanced models will now have WiFi technology. This industry-changing update will allow for much simple communication with the iPad and apps like TruQC.

“This is a significant milestone for TruQC and a revolutionary development in the world of industrial painting,” said Ross Boyd, VP of Operations here at TruQC. “We’ve been working closely with PosiTector to make our technology work wirelessly with their device. Now, it’s official – we’re compatible right out of the box.”

Thanks to this exciting upgrade, users of the PosiTector Advanced can now synchronize stored measurement data, keep PosiTector current with the technology’s latest features and functionality, and connect to all PosiTector instruments located on the WiFi network. Users will now be able to read device data on iPads inside TruQC as they are recording measurements.

Read the company’s announcement here. As an iPad-based app that works seamlessly with PosiTector devices, this is a remarkable time in our company’s history.

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