The TruQC Document Library keeps everything in one place


Manage employee access to job-specific documents

The TruQC Document Library allows you to remotely manage field employee access to job-specific documents like SDSs, PDSs, blueprints, scopes of work, contracts, employee certifications, equipment user manuals and more. Whatever you need to manage a job, TruQC will help keep organized, up-to-date and at your fingertips.

As up-to-date as you are

The TruQC Document Library allows you to go into a field user’s “library” and add/remove documents as you see fit. For instance, if the scope-of-work document changes on a given job, you can easily remove the old version and upload the most current one. Here’s a blog post that explains this functionality in more detail.

Search PDF

The TruQC Document Library includes functionality that helps you search for specific words or items inside of a large document such as a site safety plan or contract. This helps you find the exact portion of a document that you need, when you need it, and helps you avoid the tedious project of manually searching through pages and pages of long documentation.

Annotate documents

Easily highlight, draw or insert text on top of blueprints/photos or any other PDF. These annotations are saved and attached to your report.

Attach documents to reports for better documentation

Attach slideshows, photos or any other supporting document to a report. This allows your Toolbox Talks to neatly and immediately include a photo of the crew, signatures of workers, your safety presentation and any other information given to the crew.