Job-pertinent data is always at your fingertips – literally



With TruQC, all submitted, approved and in-process forms can be quickly retrieved and available for audit, QC/QA or owner inquiry.

QC Dashboard

Dashboard and summaries

Easily check the status of reports from the dashboard. Color-coded status indicators quickly show which reports are drafts, submitted, approved or rejected. Just tap on one of the bars on the graph to be taken directly to those reports. Users can also filter reports based on a specific person or job for easy navigation.

Since data entered into TruQC is hard coded, users are able to run analytics and metrics on all of their data. You’ll find these numbers in the summaries section. Whether you want to measure gallons of paint used, company expenditures or which employees attended a certain toolbox talk. The possibilities are endless and these summaries make for excellent talking points at weekly or monthly meetings.

No import/export required

Approved forms can be emailed, printed or displayed within TruQC itself.