Real-time syncing and secure storage functionality keep data safe

Forms sync in near real-timeFeatures2

TruQC utilizes cloud technology that allows a centrally located administrator to check on any job at any time. The administrator can see exactly what readings are being obtained and where in the inspection process a project is.

Syncing occurs via LTE, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. If no data service is available, the information will be stored locally until available.

Cloud storage / security

Because the information is stored in the cloud, a field user and administrator have access to the same information, any time and anywhere. In the case of audits and inspections, you can be confident that the report is where it should be and signed by the necessary parties.

A full snapshot of the data is backed up hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. You own your data and can request a copy any time. The data is encrypted when it goes across the wire using SSL encryption. Passwords are hashed in the database using cryptography designed by the National Security Agency.

To secure your data, we use one of the most trusted names in third-party cloud storage, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is trusted by some of the most recognizable names in business, including Condé Nast, Netflix, Unilever and Expedia. You can read more about AWS here.