Strong admin controls make it easier to manage and monitor your projects

newjobPermission-based app

TruQC allows those assigned to a project access to the related forms. Permissions can be turned on and off by the administrator.

Job setup

All important job information listed at the top of traditional field documents will be automatically populated and un-editable.

Employee setup

With TruQC, the administrator has the ability to create a new employee, remove a terminated employee, change an employee’s permission and change an employee’s pay group.

QC iPad app approval process

Approval process

With TruQC, the approval process for job-site documentation is made much simpler. This graphic shows in detail the process.

Specification confirmation

The admin can review all submitted forms and check for missing or incorrect information prior to final signature approval or data housing.

Chain of command

TruQC was built to accommodate the typical quality control documentation workflow – right from the iPad. For instance, often a chain of command we accommodate is as follows (and is detailed in the visual). Foremen and project superintendent use TruQC on the actual job-site.

QC app chain of command

They fill out applicable reports and submit them to the project manager for review. Once approved, the project manager submits to the safety manager, accounting and office managers and the Quality Systems Manager. Documents are reviewed and submitted to the company owner. The graphic above represents a typical hierarchy. No matter your process or approval matrix, we can accommodate your chain of command.