Digitalize Your Field Service Operations

Today, Field Service Management (FSM) software is crucial for keeping a pulse on onsite activities, staying compliant with job site specifications, and ensuring profitability.

With TruQC, field service companies can digitalize their existing workflow. After a painless adoption process, your service teams and on-premise technicians will be able to easily communicate, track, and report their onsite activity, all from their mobile devices. For managers, this means you can monitor your field services in real-time, making decisions on the fly that you can then easily communicate to everyone onsite.

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For your field technicians

Thanks to real-time syncing and streamlined data entry features, increased productivity and time tracking in the field has never been easier.

Onsite field employees can report critical information in real-time on an iOS mobile device, saving hours in documentation time and freeing them to focus on their most important responsibilities. And with data entry features, such as wireless gauge integrations and barcode scanning technology, uploading device readings and batch information has never been easier.

For your office management

Our FSM software helps your employees eliminate non-value-added work while also empowering your office managers. Your back office will use the Dashboard and File Cabinet features to oversee projects, approve work orders, and access real-time shutdown activity dashboards.

Additionally, through the Announcements feature, office managers can quickly update all field workers on deadlines, meetings, and more by pushing a note straight to their field devices.

For your operational efficiency

Best of all, you don’t need to change a thing about your existing processes to start generating insightful results. Our adoption experts help tailor the platform to your specific needs, ensuring minimal disruption to your team’s existing workflow.

Spend less time on lengthy reporting and documentation processes — and dedicate those labor hours to getting work done and decreasing risk. TruQC has shortened the overall time spent on inspection prep, inspection execution, report creation, and risk score assignment by an average of 33%, and we can help you achieve similar results.

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Your Data – Accurate and Available

Smart and actionable data is available at your fingertips when you digitalize your workflow through TruQC.

Immediately after your company adopts the platform, you can:

Account for field time

TruQC’s timesheet functionality makes it easy to accurately account for time spent in the field and helps you make informed dispatching decisions in the future. Workers log their hours as they complete tasks, and the data instantly syncs with your cloud-based system. This feature eliminates the need for manually recording, delivering, and deciphering timesheet data.

Streamline data entry

One of the most challenging things for field service businesses is managing inefficient data collection and entry. With TruQC’s digitalized approach, field technician’s report PDFs are automatically generated as the data is collected, meaning users will never have to re-enter data or compile reports back at the office.

Control data access

Creating a great customer experience is essential for Field Service Managers, and remaining transparent about your ongoing work keeps your customer informed and respected. With our permission-based systems, you can make relevant data points directly available to your customers as they become available to you, while still keeping control of sensitive internal information.

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Additional Features Designed for Functionality

Streamline business processes and reach KPI goals with immediate access to quality, safety, and operational insights.

Document Management

Whether working on a remote off-shore platform or over miles of pipeline, your unique documentation is always accessible. Scopes and standards are available for review and isometrics are already attached to reports and ready to be annotated.

Real-Time Reporting

TruQC delivers jobsite optimization, allowing inspectors to replace the time previously spent on cumbersome report formatting with more inspections. Fill out mission-critical data as it happens in the field — and access it anywhere. Your team will quickly generate reports that address site-specific issues for NDT contractors, engineers, and maintenance departments.

Issue Tracking

TruQC is an integrated SaaS, which lets our users track and analyze performance for the entire company throughout the workday in real-time. This feature quickly solves any disconnect between the field and home office that often comes up when using paper tracking methods.

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Field service management requires more than plug-and-play software. You need a solution tailored to your workflows, strategies, and safety requirements. From discovery to implementation, TruQC will work with you to configure our software to overcome your biggest reporting and process issues. We’ll focus on your company’s challenges, and identify opportunities to streamline bulky reporting processes, achieve compliance and cut costs via the power of effective digitalization.

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