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Since maintaining accurate data is an essential ingredient for successful field service management, integrating an automation platform into your workflow can completely revolutionize your business intelligence.

TruQC helps you monitor the efficiency of your field workforce and the projects under their purview. Once configured to your existing workflow, you’ll use TruQC to efficiently collect data in the field, closely monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and maintain all the information you need to make rapid decisions.

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Efficient and effective
data collection

Field employees can report necessary information in real-time on their mobile devices while working onsite. Automating data entry in the field saves your employees hours in documentation time. Additionally, automatic documentation eliminates the human error element associated with manual or multiple data entry points. Altogether, your employees will efficiently collect accurate and useful field service data within your TruQC app.

Automated and predictive analytics

As your team updates projects in TruQC, more data becomes available. TruQC makes this data actionable by automatically analyzing various factors and delivering you easy-to-decipher reports and dashboards. With TruQC, you can forecast demand on the fly or quickly shift priorities based on real-time data. Data availability, machine learning, and forecasting all make an immediate impact on the quality of your business decisions.

Effortless compliance

Maintaining the proper compliance standards is essential when working on a job site, and manually tracking these regulations can be time-consuming and inefficient. TruQC makes compliance easier by making it a part of your process, rather than an add-on. Well-organized and integrated data, processes, people, and technology make audits simple and stress-free.

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Reporting and Analytics Without The Stress

Bringing this digital solution into your workflow is painless, and the impact is immediate. You’ll gain access to insightful field analytics based on clean data and comprehensive reporting tailored directly to your business.

Get started right away

Every step of your existing workflow will be accounted for when you begin to adopt TruQC to your business. During the discovery process, our experts determine your data collection needs and unique workflow requirements, as well as back-office data needs. We function as the digitalization SME, while you remain the expert on your business – so your TruQC will fit the way you work and not the other way around.

Standardize your process

In terms of field data optimization, many companies currently fall short. If you are still collecting and distributing field data on clipboards and in binders, you are losing out on precious efficiency. Aside from the human error and unnecessary time required for these practices, manual data entry is often not standardized. Because of this, most data within your system may not even be useful from an analytics perspective. This becomes a particular problem when there are multiple locations, sites, processes, or third-party contractors involved. When you adopt our platform for your digital process, you decide exactly how you want to measure everything and we’ll make sure to maintain consistency across all levels of your business.

Expedite administrative tasks

Saving you time and money is our most important goal, and reducing administrative tasks is an excellent way to immediately deliver on that goal. Activities like assembling reports, sending reports, and entering data into back-office systems waste skilled workers’ time, create redundant effort, and are prone to error. TruQC significantly reduces or eliminates these practices with reports created during the data collection process. Because we digitalize the entire workflow, the approval of reports and adjudication of issues is streamlined within the solution, which empowers your workforce to remain focused on the task at hand.

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Features Designed for Field Efficiency

Streamline workflows and drive ROI with immediate access to quality, safety and operational insights on the cloud.

Customized Dashboard Features

See the state of every report and monitor onsite activity

Our Web App Dashboard makes it easy to view your data in real-time and maintain operational oversight, even from the home office. You can access performance charts, hours billed by cost code, the number of open issues by severity, report types created by users, and much more.

Comprehensive Summaries

Create custom summaries that pull from any data points you need

TruQC provides default summaries and visualizations for essential categories — like timesheets, expenses, general safety toolbox, report dates, and more — but you still have the control to request your own unique summaries using any data points you see fit.

Issue Tracking

Flag, fix, and prevent problems

Identifying and fixing problems in real-time is important for sticking to your budget. Communication gaps result in revisiting and reassessing the same assets multiple times and wasting countless hours. Efficient collection of clean, standardized data lets you analyze trends, prevent future issues, update strategies and mitigate risk.

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Field service companies require more than plug-and-play software. You need a solution tailored to your workflows, strategies, and safety requirements. From discovery to implementation, TruQC will work with you to configure our software to overcome your biggest reporting and process issues. We’ll focus on your company’s challenges, and identify opportunities to streamline bulky reporting processes, achieve compliance and cut costs via the power of effective digitalization.

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