Five keys for effective quality control management

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that typically we avoid writing posts that are overly self-promotional (not including the client announcements, of course!). But in this case, in trying to formulate a response to the question of “what sets good quality control software apart,” it’s hard to not be promotional.


After all, TruQC was built for quality control professionals by quality control professionals. We carefully tinkered and tested until we got our product exactly where it needed to be. Our product’s five features address the five key areas of effective quality control management. In fact, no matter what version of our app we’re on or what custom report we’re designing for a new client, the core features that set our quality control management app apart from the rest stay the same. That’s because they were specifically designed to address the needs of quality control professionals by people who knew them first hand.

1. Strong admin controls

TruQC’s approval matrix was designed to accommodate standard industrial painting workflows, but it can be adjusted to nearly any industry’s chain of command. This feature allows administrators to specify a timeline and approval process for all documentation. Readings that fall out of the specification requirements can be caught in real time. And the entire software is permission-based, so only those who have been given access to a job are able to access information on it.

Tight control over the approval and flow of documents makes managing projects easier. This feature helps managers identify holdups in the workflow, allowing them to stay on top of documentation at every phase of the job.

When the painting contractor Era Valdivia needed to streamline their quality control documentation process in order to finish a big job on time, they turned to TruQC. You can read all about the project and how we helped in this case study.

2. True objectivity

In today’s digital world, isn’t it about time to eliminate the documentation errors resulting from sloppy handwriting and copying errors? No more 9s that look like 7s and no more missing zeroes. TruQC has multi-select dropdowns, numeric keypads, scrolling pickers, and even alerts you when data fields are left blank.

Readings from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-equipped devices cannot be manipulated as readings are entered, ensuring that measurements are accurate when they’re imported. Directly uploading from these devices guarantees a level of objectivity that was missing from the industry in the era of hand-written reports.

3. Real-time syncing

With real-time data syncing enabled by TruQC, project managers can amend project details and have their changes instantly available to employees in the field. They can also look in on a job at any time and tell what stage the inspection process is at.

Quality control management doesn’t have to remain stuck in the days of weeklong wait times to get the paperwork shuttled back and forth between the job-site and the home office. Smarter solutions now exist, and smart companies are taking advantage of them.

4. Cloud storage and security

Make sure your entire operation is on the same page. With cloud-based data storage, administrators and employees in the field have access to the same information anytime, anywhere. Automatic data backup protects your information in the event a device is lost, damaged or stolen. A trusted data security firm then protects all the data you store on the cloud.

We’ve written before about how this isn’t some tech fad that will come and go. Cloud-connectivity is a game-changer. Check out this blog post for more on what it is and how it works.

TruQC client Liberty-Alpha JV realized the importance of seamless communication after taking on three historic bridge renovations at the same time. Read about how cloud storage helped them to balance a heavy workload in this case study.

5. Document storage

Our Document Library keeps job-pertinent files at your fingertips. They can be arranged by job or folders. Store documents like SDS, PDS, blueprints, scopes of work, contracts, employee certifications, equipment user manuals and more, all accessible and with the ability to update anytime, anywhere. Annotate blueprints from the field with drawing, text or highlights to quickly alert crews of project changes.

When it comes to earning certifications in the industrial painting industry, organization can make all the difference. Keeping the relevant documents for QP 1 and QP 2 certifications on hand and in place can make all the difference during the audit process. Graydaze Contractors came to TruQC for this very reason. To see how our Document Library helped them to keep their documentation in order for a QP 1 audit, check out this case study.

Ready to see for yourself?

That’s the rundown of the five key features that form the core of our app. To see them in action, along with our reports and other cool functions, get in touch to schedule a live demo. It’s easy to do, just click the link below to sign up.

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