Four simple tips when getting started with TruQC

We consider ourselves more than an app — we’re an organization committed to providing our clients with the software, tools and support they need to ensure quality, safety and compliance.

This mission is evident in every customer interaction. It’s why we configure our software to your organization’s workflows and data collection needs, not the other way around. It’s why we make ourselves available to answer user questions 24/7. It’s a big reason we provide unlimited online training and support to all TruQC clients.

It’s also why we’d like to take some time to offer you a couple tips we’ve found help organizations get started with TruQC.

Tip 1: Choose the iPad best-suited for your needs

TruQC is an iPad and Web App designed to streamline field reporting: Field employees fill out reports on the iPad app, and administrators access and analyze information on the Web App. The portability and simplicity of the iPad app helps clients report in real-time and eliminate carrying around bulky binders of mission-critical documents.

Your organization should choose any iPad compatible with the latest iOS. We typically recommend the newest version supported by Apple —in any of the iPad, Mini, Air, Pro lines— as a future-proofing measure, ensuring your iPad investment remains up-to-date for years to come.

Because all data syncs to the cloud automatically and securely, the app itself won’t take up a lot of storage space on your iPads. Newer iPad models don’t come any smaller than 32 GB, which will work for TruQC usage. If you plan on using your iPad to use lots of other apps or store a large number of photos, we recommend purchasing an iPad with more storage (there are models that go up to 512 GB). You can also use controls such as “Optimize iPad Storage to free up more space.

Tip 2: Protect your iPad against its environment

Organizations in a variety of industries use TruQC to streamline field reporting — and the field looks different for each of our clients. It could be a shipyard, oil field, manufacturing plant or even a bridge renovation site. To protect their technology investment, our clients often choose to protect their iPads with a case.

The case you choose should be based on the environment your iPad will see. For most clients, any case should suffice. But for those who will be using their iPads in a heavy-duty environment and want something more durable, we recommend either the OtterBox Defender Series or Xciel cases. The OtterBox is much more affordable (ranging from ~$70 – $140) and offers enough protection for most applications. Xciel is a good option for organizations that require the highest level of protection against their field environment, but is more expensive (ranging from about $1,500 and up).

Tip 3: Determine whether you need a data plan

Your do not need a data plan for TruQC. Reports can be entered while offline, and all activity automatically syncs when connected to WiFi. Some organizations choose to equip their iPads with a data plan, though, to make sure their data is always syncing throughout the day, even when users are out of range of WiFi.

The decision about whether to set your iPads up with a data plan, and which cellular provider to use, is entirely up to you and your organization’s needs. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have – just reach out to us at

Tip 4: Make use of the support and training sessions we provide

There’s a learning curve when adopting any new software. Our team works hard to lessen this curve, offering training sessions and 24/7 support with every TruQC user license. Each user in your organization is entitled to as much support from our team as they require, making implementation and adoption that much easier.

  • In-person training session

    In-person training is an option to make sure your team knows how to use all features of the app. We’ll typically set up a refresher online training session or Q&A call, if they’d like, after about a week to answer any lingering questions. Discuss with your sales representative for pricing.

  • Online training

    While many users are comfortable using TruQC after a couple training sessions, our team is still available to you to schedule future training calls, video conferences or demos to get your team up to speed.

  • Online video library

    We also have a comprehensive library of training videos to teach you and your team how to use all the features of the app — check it out today.

  • 24/7 customer support

    We want you to be successful and will offer you all the support it takes to streamline operations and see results. Reach out to our team members through our toll-free number (1.866.488.4170), support email ( or with our website’s live chat window in the bottom right corner. No question is too big or too small, and no hour is too late.

Our app is configurable to your needs, and so is your customer experience. We’re here to help your organization streamline workflows, analyze data trends and, most importantly, achieve return on your investment.

If you’d like more advice on how to get the most out of TruQC, just reach out to us via email, phone or through our website — we will help you in whatever way is most convenient for you and your organization.

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