Having password trouble? We’re here to help…

Have you forgotten your password, or simply need to change it? Follow our instructions below on how to retrieve or change your password in TruQC.

Retrieving a forgotten password:

1. You’ll see ‘Forgot Password?’ located at the bottom of the TruQC login screen in yellow. Click on ‘Forgot Password?’.


2. A ‘Reset Password’ box will appear.  Enter your Customer ID and User Name, then tap ‘Reset’.


3. A ‘Success’ message will then appear saying ‘You will receive an email shortly with a link to reset your password’. Tap OK and then check your email.


4. You will receive an email from TruQC asking you to click on the link included.


5. Once you click on the link, you’ll be rerouted to a screen where you’ll enter your new password. Enter what you’d like your new password to be in the ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm New Password’ boxes, then tap ‘Reset’.


6. You will then see a ‘Password reset successful’ notice. You have now successfully reset your password and can log in to TruQC as normal.


Changing your password:

1. Once you’ve logged in to TruQC, tap on the Admin button at the bottom of your screen. Then tap on ‘Employees’ on the left hand side of the screen.


2. Tap on your name in the list of employees. An ‘Edit Employee’ box will appear.



3. To change your password, simply tap inside the ‘Password’ box and enter whatever you’d like your new password to be.


4. Once you’ve entered your new password, tap Save in the top, right corner of the box. Your password has now been changed.

If you are still having trouble after following these instructions, please reach out to Megan or Courtney at megan@truqc.flywheelsites.com and courtney@truqc.flywheelsites.com.

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