Historic bridge painting project calls for innovative job-site iPad app

TruQC Eads Bridge project

It’s an honor to announce that our job-site documentation software will be used on the Eads Bridge coating project in St. Louis, Missouri. Both the general contractor (St. Louis Bridge Company) and the painting subcontractor (Thomas Industrial Coatings) have decided that our tool’s collaborative benefits will greatly enhance project management.

As detailed in this blog post by Thomas Industrial Coatings, the bridge’s original lead coating will be abated, its surface will be prepped to SSPC SP-10 cleanliness standards and a three-coat industrial coating application will be applied.

The more than 500,000-square-foot bridge painting job is slated to be finished in late 2014 and a smooth process and careful documentation is essential to the success and timely delivery of the job.

“The Eads Bridge job is a fantastic opportunity to show what we can do, right out of the gate,” said Ross Boyd, our VP of Operations at TruQC. “It’s a massive project with many working parts. I’m excited to show how TruQC can help keep them all in order.”

This is the bridge’s first fresh coat of paint since the bridge was built in 1874.

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