How to close your job-site documentation app

You probably have a lot of apps on your iPad – ones for everything from staying entertained to ensuring quality control standards are met on your industrial painting job-site. More than likely, one of them will eventually go on the fritz and start affecting the performance of your device. When an app either crashes upon opening or freezes in mid-use – it’s time to close that application.

While it’s certainly frustrating when apps don’t work as they should, closing an app is simple and will likely fix the problem. To close an app, start by returning to the Home screen. From here, press the Home button twice. A row displaying open apps will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold the failing app. The app will start to jiggle. Tap the red minus to close it.

Note: Periodically closing apps you’re not using will help maintain the battery life needed to keep your job-site software running all day.

If multiple apps are freezing or closing and restarting an app didn’t work, your iPad probably needs a hard reset. That should do the trick to keep your iPad working hard like you.

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