How to reinstall iPad apps from the job-site

If you’ve already removed a favorite app that’s been giving you problems, it’s time to think about reinstalling it. App maintenance is just another step in keeping that essential job-site tool, the iPad, performing like it should. A fresh install should take care of any app-related erratic behavior.

To reinstall an app, pop open the App Store on your iPad and find the app that you’d like to reinstall. You can browse based on the app’s name or description from the search bar, or tap “Purchased” if you’ve downloaded it in the App Store before. The last step is to tap the install button and wait for it to finish downloading.

It’s likely that the app that you’ve just reinstalled is a more up-to-date, more refined version. Hopefully problems that you encountered in the previous version will be solved in the latest version. Just one more reason to make sure all of your apps are updated to the most recent release.

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