How to split the keyboard on the iPad

The iPad keyboard makes jotting a quick note or entering a few data points pretty simple. But typing longer emails or reports while holding the device can become uncomfortable with the standard keyboard configuration. Thankfully, the iPad allows you to split the keyboard for easier, thumbs-only typing.

Splitting the keyboard moves the keys to the edges of the iPad and slightly shrinks their size, making it easier to hold the iPad while typing with both hands.

There are a few different ways to try it out.

The first is to tap and hold the keyboard key in the lower-right corner of the keyboard. This brings up the option to split the keyboard. Simply tap it and the keyboard will divide.

Another option is to manually pull the keyboard apart. To do this, place two fingers in the middle of the keyboard and swipe outward.

Either way, you’ll end up with a keyboard that makes holding and typing on the iPad much easier. There are certain times when the conventional keyboard layout is easier, but it’s easy to switch between the two.

Note: Putting the keyboard back together, or un-splitting it, is just as simple. You can pull up the keyboard menu or swipe inward towards the center to go back to the default keyboard.

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