I just signed up with TruQC. Now what?

Signing up for TruQC can be an exciting, but also slightly overwhelming process. Making the switch from paper reporting to a QC software system is something that doesn’t happen overnight. After the initial TruQC training, the wheels in many of our users’ heads begin spinning. After all, TruQC does SO much. How does one utilize everything? We have several recommendations for our new users as they get started.

Start with a select group of people

To make the transition to TruQC smooth, we suggest first introducing only a selected group of your employees to the app. Perhaps choose a group of PMs to get started. After selecting the group, sign up for an online training session here or contact us at support@truqc.com or 1.866.488.4170 to set up an appointment. This is a great way to begin because you can focus all your attention on that specific group of users and makes it simpler to address questions.

Once that group becomes more experienced and comfortable with TruQC, it’s easier to add additional users and jobs. As more and more people start using TruQC, people may have very similar questions or concerns. By teaching TruQC to selected groups of people first and then branching out, additional questions can be directed towards users on site who are experienced with the app.

Use TruQC on one job first

When you first start using TruQC, you may feel tempted to switch all your jobs to TruQC immediately. If you feel comfortable, then go for it! For those wanting to transition more slowly, we recommend choosing a new job and taking your time switching from paper reports to TruQC. There’s no rush. Take the process at your pace by focusing on one specific job. This way you can train those employees and focus solely on that job, without trying to field questions or concerns from multiple jobs.

Set up only a portion of the library

We realize you probably have a lot of documents that you use on a daily basis. The great thing about TruQC is that you can easily upload, view and search all of your documents right in the app. Now, you won’t have to carry around and sift through hundreds of pages of documents to find that one bit of information you need. However, we know that uploading all of your documents at once can seem daunting at first. For new TruQC users, we often suggest uploading your library documents in small portions, rather than trying to do it all at once.

Another tip is to upload your documents using the Web App. You can upload documents through the iPad app as well, but the Web App allows you to upload multiple documents at once. This decreases time spent on this process and makes it easier and simpler for you.

So, pick a section of documents you would like to upload, use the Web App if you prefer to upload multiple documents at once, and upload those documents. Keep doing this in portions and you’ll have your entire library uploaded and ready to access in no time.

Pro tip: When you upload documents to the library be sure to tag them or associate them to a job. This is a great way to organize your documents to make them easier to find later. Check out our Doc Library Web app videos here.

Focus on one report initially

In training, we tend to focus on one report, when getting started. We want you to get comfortable with that report and then it is much easier to add additional ones later on. Once you know how to use one report, you can use any other report in TruQC. They all work the same way.

Focus on just one job and one report to start out. By zeroing in on one report it will give you a good feel for entering, submitting and approving reports. You can also always practice on a Test Job in your account as you get started! Getting the hang of TruQC takes a little time, so don’t be discouraged if you’re having any trouble. Always feel free to contact us at TruQC if you experience any issues. Speaking of contacting us…

Call support if you need help!

If you are feeling overwhelmed or are delaying the start of TruQC after training, call us! No question is too big or too small. We want you to get the most out of our software, and we’re here to help.

We know it can be intimidating to adopt a new system when you already have a certain way of doing things, but we promise that all the prep work to get TruQC started will be so rewarding in the long run. We created this software to serve your needs as best as we can, so always feel free to reach out if you think we could make something better for you.

TruQC will save you time, money and many of those headaches that we know go along with your work. Say goodbye to typos, difficulty reading handwriting and all those inconsistencies that can arise with handwritten paperwork. We want to reward all your hard work by making the process more efficient. You deserve it.

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