Importance of updating to iOS 8


benefits-3At TruQC, we stress the importance of updating our product. TruQC updates are crucial for a faster app, smoother report submission, and easier data entry. Apple is no different. With each iOS release comes software enhancements, new features, and compatibility tweaks. Each time Apple launches a new operating system, TruQC and other apps respond with updates of their own to ensure both systems cooperate with one another.

With that being said, the next version of TruQC 3.3 will only be compatible with iOS 8. Users must download iOS 8 on their iPads in order to update TruQC.

“Help! I can’t update my iPad because my memory is full!”

When your iPad has reached its maximum capacity, it will not allow you to update to the latest iOS. Pictures, music, and apps can take up a lot of space and will slow down your iPad.

To find out what applications are taking up your iPad’s memory space, go to Settings —> General —> Usage —> Manage Storage. This gives you an idea on how your iPad storage is being used and what you can delete to free up space.

Downloading cloud storage backup apps such as Dropbox or Box can solve this issue. When your camera roll on your iPad gets too full, transfer your photos to Dropbox or Box. Then, turn automatic camera uploading off by adjusting your settings in Dropbox or Box. You can now erase all the pictures on your iPad and make room for iOS updates.

Still having memory issues? Update with iTunes

Updating your device via iTunes requires less storage space than updating to iOS on your device directly. When using iTunes to update, iTunes will save the installation package on your computer automatically and then unpack the package. Because you are saving this package on the computer, you do not need as much memory space.

To update with iTunes, plug in your device to a computer. Make sure you are on the latest version of iTunes by going to “About” and then “Check for Updates.” Once your computer connects to your device, it will recognize that there is an update available. Click on “Download and Install” on the window that pops up. iTunes will then begin installing. When complete, your iPad will reboot and you will have iOS 8.

If you are still having issues with memory space, try deleting some apps, videos, text messages, or music. Keeping your iPad up to date is essential for utilizing new features and getting the most out of your device and TruQC.

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