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Do your job faster and with less paperwork. Save five or more hours per week in documentation time, and get back to the work you love.

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Our app allows you to have full access to job-site information, wherever you are. In the past, home-office employees saved as much as 10 hours per week.

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Take on more projects without making new hires or turning new work down. That’s what streamlined reporting has done for our past clients.

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Do better work in less time with paperless reporting designed for the infrastructure industry

Infrastructure maintenance and construction requires efficiency and precision. Outdated documentation techniques —faxing and emailing reports, bulky binders of site-relevant blueprints and documents, deciphering handwritten reports— work against both goals.

For those looking to cut costs while enhancing quality, TruQC has developed paperless reporting and documentation solutions with proven ROI. Whether you’re looking to pass SSPC audits or simply speed up your everyday inspection process, TruQC can help with a library of user-friendly reports designed for efficiency.

Three high-profile bridge renovations at once. Zero new hires.

Liberty-Alpha JV —an Ohio-based joint painting and construction venture— bid and won three large-scale bridge renovations at once. To get the high-profile projects done, they needed a job-site documentation solution that cut labor hours without sacrificing quality.


Time and money savings using TruQC

10 hours

saved per week, per home-office employee

5 hours

saved in documentation time per field worker

The problem

With three simultaneous bridge projects scattered across the country, Liberty-Alpha feared their workforce would be spread too thin to take on any additional work. They needed a solution that would allow them to streamline field reporting and cut labor hours, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The solution

Liberty-Alpha enlisted TruQC to streamline their health and safety reporting system. TruQC not only developed the reports they required, but also trained their team on how to best use the software for a seamless transition.

“With a job of this scale, QCs and Health and Safety Officers have a huge amount of things to accomplish throughout the day. TruQC saves them time by allowing them to file reports as the day goes on.”

Nick Frangos   |   Project Manager   |   Liberty-Alpha JV

The results

Using TruQC, field workers were able to file paperwork faster and managers could view and approve reports in real time throughout the day. With a streamlined process, Liberty-Alpha preserved both the bridges and their bottom line, completing all three projects without making one additional hire or turning down additional work.

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Features Built for Your Job Site

Build efficiency into every project with real-time reporting, up-to-date documents and issue tracking.

Document Library

Take relevant job docs with you anywhere

Carry current blueprints, safety paperwork and other relevant documents with you everywhere, right in our Dropbox-friendly iPad and Web App.

Real-Time Reporting

Document your progress as you go

Don’t wait until the end of the day to review reports. Fill out job-relevant information as it happens, access it instantly and approve it from anywhere.

Issue Tracking

Resolve problems and analyze trends

Issues happen on the job site. Field workers can flag them on the blueprint as they happen, and Admin can track them until the issue gets resolved.

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