Introducing the TruQC tool for SSPC compliance

Are you SSPC compliant and looking to stay that way? Maybe you’re considering improving the standing of your business by earning certifications from the most trusted third-party oversight agency in industrial painting. Well, we’re trying to make doing so just a little bit easier.

TruQC’s new SSPC software program was designed and engineered with SSPC compliance in mind. Its complete functionality was designed to meet SSPC standards for QP, QS and QN certifications.

For those looking to become QP, QS or QN certified, or those simply looking to stay compliant during future audits, TruQC’s SSPC software is the tool to provide a leg up.

Features include:

  • Daily Inspection Report
  • Toolbox Talk/ general safety report
  • Environmental report
  • Take 5 report
  • Non-conformance report
  • Request for information report
  • Pre-job safety analysis
  • PCCP corrective action report
  • Blaster evaluations
  • Craft worker assessments

Additional features:

  • Document Library for storing necessary audit documentation including: training certifications, PDS, SDS, organizational charts, mission statement, health and safety plan and other job-related documentation.

Coming soon:

  • EPA Method 22 report


  • Discounted rate
  • Minimum of 3 users
  • 12-month contract
  • No configuration included

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