Introducing TruQC 4.4

TruQC 4.4 is now available for download in the App Store! TruQC 4.4 is only compatible with iOS 9 or higher.

This version contains new security tweaks and features that will make TruQC even better for you!

TruQC 4.4 features include:

  • Password changes: Passwords will now expire every 90 days (four times a year). The new system will enforce password reuse to prohibit any password in the last 13 iterations or the last year.
  • Login and logout security: After five consecutive unsuccessful login attempts a user will be locked out for 30 minutes. Automatic logout will be invoked after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • New status added: Those with proper permission can now mark a report “Processed” to help better manage their workflow (e.g. an Office Manager has approved an Expense Report), but it will still only show as Approved on the PDF.
  • Announcements: Users will have the ability to delete announcements.

To Update:

Tap the blue App Store icon on your home screen. Search for “TruQC” in the search bar, then tap “Update.” TruQC 4.4 will then begin to install. Once complete you will be prompted to log in again. TruQC will only be compatible with iOS 9 or higher.

Here at TruQC, we’re constantly listening to our customers to ensure your specific needs are met. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a refresher training by emailing us at or giving us a call at 1.866.488.4170.

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