Introducing TruQC referral rewards

Do you know anyone who could benefit from using TruQC? Referrals are the best way for us to meet potential new customers and get the conversation started. Customers who’ve benefited from our software telling other companies they think could also benefit is one of the primary ways we earn new business. We think that says a lot about us. But we also want to make sure to show our appreciation to those who’re spreading the word.

So let us introduce you to the TruQC referral rewards program. In a nutshell, introduce us to someone you think may benefit from our software and get rewarded for it. Mutually beneficial, right? Here are the details:

If you refer a new client and they sign up with TruQC by January 1st and start service by February 1st, we will send you a $150 Visa gift card to use how you please.

So customers, keep us in mind in your business dealings and be on the lookout for potential referrals. Send them our way and, if they sign up, you could have some extra spending money headed your way.

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