iPad “the right platform” for job-site documentation app

In an industry that’s often consumed by the Windows way of life, you might be wondering – “Why in the hell would you choose to develop TruQC on the iPad?”

There’s a simple answer to that – it’s nearly perfect!

The iPad is built and designed to perform at the absolute highest level and the reason behind its continued success is superior quality. We chose to build the TruQC app for the iPad to ensure that our customers always have the best possible results. The integrated nature of the iPad’s features paired with the streamlined offering of the actual iPad itself means it doesn’t just fit the actual TruQC app nicely but accommodates our drive towards perfection.

While Android and other platforms are fantastic in their own rights, the vast array of screen sizes, resolutions and versions of the operating system meant (for us) sacrificing quality for a standalone application. In simpler terms, it was enough to drive us bonkers. Have you ever seen what it’s like testing for Android? We don’t and won’t shy away from building for other platforms, but at TruQC, quality and user experience always comes first. The Apple platform accommodates this. Its multiple APIs make it absolutely painless to integrate tools like GPS, a camera and contacts. That’s really important stuff in the world of job-site documentation.

Also, it’s important to note, that by offering the TruQC suite of job-site documentation software on the iPad you can be confident using it day in and day out. The iPad’s operating system, iOS, and the App Store are as solid as they come. Additionally, working on the iPad means that you have a layer of insulation from mobile threats. There’s a walled garden approval approach to apps that ensures that the App Store is filled with apps that perform up to Apple’s standards and protects users. That’s a plus, and a big one at that. Additionally, the iPad offers true objectivity. From our research and experience, Android offers many ways to import and export data which is actually a downfall when a primary goal is ensuring secure data and objectivity.

We built the TruQC app from the ground up, employing expert developers and designers to build an Apple application that is Apple from Xcode to iPad. Our app brings job-site documentation into the 21st century. But don’t be mistaken, as the industrial painting industry evolves, we’re all finding “rolling up the sleeves” still means the same thing it did years back – and that’s making sure all work (from iPad to the actual painting) is executed with hard work on a strong foundation.

And that’s why the iPad is the right platform to keep our app and our customers working smarter.

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