Is quality control software in next year’s budget?

There are certain upfront costs associated with implementing quality control software within your organization. Not the least of which is hardware. Our software was designed to run on Apple operating systems for a number of reasons. Here and here we explain why we think the Apple and the iPad are perfect to run quality control software.

Implementing quality control software

Not only do we run on Apple, but we advise that customers buy the latest model of the Apple iPad. Again, there is method behind our madness. Our software is complex and tends to run the best on newer hardware. And don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the software updates that should keep your devices running smoothly for a good while. Calculating the investment your company will make in hardware is as simple as multiplying the number of users you intend to start on the software by the price of the iPad model you plan on purchasing.

We haven’t accrued the client list we have without convincing some business savvy individuals that the returns on investment justify this upfront expenditure. To support our position, we put a lot of effort into our case studies. When planning these, we get together with some of our customers and discuss areas in which they’ve realized savings. And there are always savings, some of which show up in surprising places. Here’s one where quality control software led to a huge return on investment for an industrial painter, 390 percent to be exact.

These same case studies have the added benefit of allowing us to get to know our customers’ pain points, and understand potential solutions, in-depth. That’s something else we’re big on.

More than a monthly subscription

Our per user price is the other cost that should be considered when deciding whether or not there’s room for quality control software in the upcoming year’s budget. It’s important to remember that this monthly subscription fee covers much more than just the use of our software.

A monthly subscription includes unlimited cloud storage for all your data and reports– a service that can become expensive in its own right. It includes access to a dedicated support staff, experienced in assisting users of all technical abilities. It includes free on-site training with both TruQC and the iPad when at least five users initially sign up.

When you add up what your organization spends on its current filing and retrieval system, technical support and training costs, there’s a good chance our monthly subscription fee is an opportunity to realize savings, rather than the reverse.

Once again, determining how much room should be set aside in your operation’s budget is easy. Just multiply our $149 per month user fee by the number of users you plan on starting out with TruQC. If you’re questioning the optimal amount of users to start out on the software, we have some advice on that here.

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