Job site vehicle crashes down, but not down enough

The Associated General Contractors of America released a study earlier this week stating that 68% of highway contractors have reported vehicles crashing into their job sites throughout the past year. Nearly 20% reported fatalities in those accidents.

The good news? Progress is being made on our industry’s job sites all across the United States. According to the United States Department of Transportation, there were 1,006 highway work zone deaths in 2006, 680 in 2009 and 576 in 2010. That’s a very positive trend.

To us, however, there’s certainly still some bad news. Men and women are still dying on job sites all across our country. 576 in 2010 to be exact. And while there’s no doubt that our work is dangerous (and full of speedy drivers texting and Tweeting their way to their next destination), no amount of precaution, safety training or safety documentation can be considered overkill. None.

Thanks to Engineering News-Record for breaking the story. Take a moment to learn more about our job-site safety documentation app – TruSafety.

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