KTA taps TruQC for quality assurance software

KTAKTA, one of the largest and most recognized providers of independent painting, construction and industrial-related quality assurance inspection services in the US, will be using TruQC’s job-site documentation and quality control software for upcoming quality assurance work.

KTA will be using TruQC for both commercial and industrial coatings evaluation and testing services. TruQC will be used for commercial wall-system evaluations immediately and documentation of industrial quality assurance services will be activated via a phased rollout this December. By spring of 2014, most KTA inspectors will be utilizing TruQC on their jobsites.

“This is a landmark deal for TruQC in terms of validation of what we are doing and securing our place in this industry,” said our CEO, Ross Boyd. “KTA is known throughout the industry as the standard for third-party assurance services and we’re honored and excited to have our product in their toolboxes. We’re very confident they’ll be as happy as we are.”

Founded in 1949, KTA has maintained its position as an inspections leader by demanding the best of their employees in order to fully service their customers and, in turn, equipping their employees with the best in tools, training and technology.

“We have always pledged to provide our customers with quality services and to do our work efficiently,” said Ken Trimber, President at KTA. “We believe that the TruQC technology will enhance the value that we provide to our customers and improve our internal operations at the same time.”

TruQC provides paperless job-site documentation for the iPad for a rapidly growing list of clients. KTA is the largest to date.

“We see KTA’s adoption of TruQC as further proof and buy-in that the future of industrial painting is rooted in digital technology,” Ross said. “We’re working diligently to ensure that we stay at the forefront of it all and that we continue to deliver above and beyond our clients’ expectations.”

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